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hk4ever 06-09-2010 05:25 AM

Any advice on the HK 93 or HK 94 rifle to get ?
Looking to get the original HK rifle model 93 and 94

Any advice on HK 93 or HK 94 rifle to get ?

I know that they do differ in their looks, shape and the caliber ofcourse,

But which is a better or a nicer rifle to get, or perhaps more in demand and why ?

Thank you

robocop10mm 06-09-2010 04:12 PM

Many 94's were converted to SBR's or (with the addition of a registered trigger pack) into MP-5 configuration. They are high $ because of the scarity.

93's are more common but have a couple of limitations. AFAIK, they have 1-12 twist barrels so 55gr bullets are about as heavy as you can go. Magazines are very scarce and VERY expensive (more so than MP-5/94 mags).

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