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mrbirdguy 08-03-2010 12:45 AM

870 and rifles
I have noticed when people say 870 means. Remington pump shotgun good dependable and good price and reliable

now myy question is what is a popular rifle as 870 is to shotgun
Good price, reliable..... bolt action I am intrested in 243; 30-06

M14sRock 08-03-2010 12:56 AM

Most people would reference the Rem Mod 700. But there are plenty of opinions.

I'd prefer a Win M70, Browning A-Bolt, Browning X-Bolt, Mausers, Howa 1500, or any of several other nice rifles.

But the 700 is a good rifle.

robocop10mm 08-03-2010 08:36 PM

The 700 is to rifles what the 870 is to shotguns. Good, reliable, plenty of aftermarket accessories available, etc.

Many will argue the Howa 1500 is a better rifle for about the same money.

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