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Sniper03 01-22-2011 09:29 PM

788 Remington Question
Looking for Stalkingbear at the suggestion of Dillinger!
But does he or anyone have the dimensions of the Locking Lugs on the 788 Remington 22-250 from the front of the lugs to the rear in decimal dimension. And are all of them, if I remember there is 9 lugs? close to the same dimension?
The reason for this question is that my nephew was given a 788 Remington 22-250 a month that had a highly polished bolt with almost a mirror finish on it and the man advised he could not remember but there may have been a head space problem? Due to the polishing? I believe it was orignaly a Savage 250 necked down to 22 cal if I remember correctly. But I certainly do not have a 250 Savage Head-space Gauge or do not know anyone who does. But thought maybe I could approach it from the dimensional stand point to see if any metal had actually been removed from the locking lugs. If not he should not have a problem. Please advise your thoughts if you know for sure. Opinions don't cut it when your dealing with head-space issues.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Sniper03 01-23-2011 07:22 PM

788 Question
By the way if anyone has a new or a 788 22-250 in excellent shape and can measure the lugs that would be also be great. Measuring front to back on the locking lugs in decimal dimension using calipers. I believe there are 9 of the lugs but do not know if all are the same dimension? I would assume they would be.

Thank You!


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