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762x39 vs 556x45

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I agree any angry mobs that has to watch "theirs" start falling are going to chicken sh!t out after the first couple fall . Either caliber will more than get the job done . .
5.56 does a pretty good job zipping thru a car door so dont be easily fooled . We did some shooting on junk a Nissan pickup , ins and outs through both doors with 5.56 FMJs . Im a fan of both calibers and wouldnt be afraid to use either one really . I dont have a favorite unless were talking about accuracy at more than 300 yards then there is only of choice between the two .

Criminals Prefer Unarmerd Victims....

And Dictators Prefer Unarmed Citizens

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I reread the original post again too. The mobs that are described are compiled of folks who are not likely to expend a bunch of effort on thier behalf to help themselves. an airsoft rifle would probably be sufficient to make them seek food from an easier source.

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The Apocalypse Is Coming.....
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are they zombies?
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Im going with my ar15. 5.56.Got the 3x acog and the rmr on the 45deg. 30 30rd mag with all green tip. I was taught by my friends in sf only way to stay safe in a situation like that is to stay mobile. Got my plate carrier with my 2a plates in it and all my mags already seated. My girls would run my 6 with my saiga 12 on a 20rd drum of 00 buck and another 20rd drum of 1oz slugs. Dont think it will ever get that bad. At least i hope i never see it like that.
you pew pew pew lately bro!?
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I have an AR and an SKS. The SKS has a Tapco stock with 20 round mags. The AR is better for long range. I have several optic choices for it. But at 100 yards with a mob on the attack? Most people that are not gunnies would crap their pants at the sight of any tactical rifle.
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How bout an AR in 7.62.
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Originally Posted by DeltaF View Post
For a street sweeper, I don't think you could get much better than a Saiga 12 with some 20 round drums of #4 Buckshot. Even out to 80 yards, while far from a 1 shot stop, buckshot inflicts enough of a wound to require immediate medical attention.

And at 100 yards it still has enough energy to make the average person THINK about what they're doing. With the spread at that range you would be wounding multiple people per shot.

Just 1 20 round drum from a commanding position would probably be enough to turn most "mobs" around provided they weren't armed themselves. I'd want about 6, a barricade and a getaway vehicle just in case though. LoL

But if it's limited to the choice in the OP I would pick 5.56 simply because I could carry more of it. I'm not necessarily concerned with 1 shot stops, just sending enough rounds their way and hurting enough of them to make them pick somebody else to play with.

Honestly, there are a few dirty tricks that can be done with cans of good quality CS/OC spray that work great at dissipating crowds with bad attitudes. But I won't be posting them on the internet. (And I have *cough* NO experience in actually performing any of these alleged "dirty tricks" *cough cough*)
Delta, we're talking about below average people. If they did any thinking, they wouldn't be out destroying their own neighborhood.

CS is probably a better deal, all round. You're not killing or maiming anybody and you get to watch stupid people choking on their own snot. What's not to like about that?
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Originally Posted by kbd512
you get to watch stupid people choking on their own snot. What's not to like about that?
Nothing at all.

Except that when CS/OC is deployed you always manage to get some of it on yourself and end up choking on your own snot at some point before the day is over.

At least that's been my experience with it.

But strictly in terms of selfish entertainment and gratification, it's usually worth getting a little "gas" yourself as long as you get to watch other people deal with it. And as long as they get the lions share of it.

What's spooky is when you're dealing with "that guy." And the gas doesn't work and then 5 seconds later he rips the taser prongs out of his skin and laughs at you.
" is ...ALIVE!!!"

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I am not now nor have I ever been a fan of the x39 round. I have an AR and a Mini-14 and the 5.56 has been sending commies and jihadi's to meet their maker for 40+ years. I will stick to the superior round in this situation.
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5.56 for me

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