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hillbilly68 09-04-2008 12:59 PM

700 SPS Tactical replacement stock
Well I am back from overseas...the time when a man's thoughts turn to "OK, what can I buy first?" I have owned various types of firearms in my past, but I have never had a rifle I could tinker with in a "quest for accuracy". To this end I think I will get a 700 SPS Tactical (I know there are better solutions out there, but it is the optimal solution for me right now). The issue I have is not in the rifle choice, it is with the improvements after the purchase. I shuddered when I checked the prices for a really good stock to put under her (Mcmillan A5, Tactical Manners etc). I know you have to pay to play, but holy s***, the stock costs more than the original complete gun. Looking to stretch as much performance outta the gun that I can, but not breaking the bank in the process (want to keep total cost below 2k after all the mods (Falcon Menace 4-18, badger base and rings, harris BP, GA precision work with badger FTE and DM) so you can see I will be already be crowding 1700. Dont HAVE to replace the stock, but from all the reviews I have read that is the shortfall on the production gun. And of course I don't HAVE to have the gun, but we all know how that goes1;) Any replacement stock advice from some long range shooters amongst the brotherhood? I have a feeeling I will just have to choke the A5 down in the end. Thanks in advance!

Dillinger 09-04-2008 01:51 PM

Welcome back to the Promised Land! How good did that first American cheeseburger taste? :p

Okay, everyone knows that I am no fan of the Remington platform, at least the current one. The new one is going to be sick...

However, if you are looking at keeping costs down, and can "live" with the factory stock for awhile, there is no reason you can't tighten your groups right out of the gate by merely glass bedding the action, which will free float the barrel. This will greatly improve harmonics and help you get some tighter groups without any extra tweaking.

As for stocks, you might want to check out Bell & Carlson. They make fiberglass stocks and do really good work. Their vertical grip tactical is a direct "drop in" for the Remy 700 and features an all aluminum bedding block.

Another choice might be HS Precision. They make a bit of a higher end replacement stock, I actually like it better than the McMillin personally. I have the 2008 dealer list at home, so if you see something you like, shoot me a PM and I can get you the MSRP and Dealer pricing.

Good luck with the hunt. Post pictures when you get it done please. :D


JPBeck 09-04-2008 02:07 PM

I'd scrap the SPS idea and get a 700P or if you want a fluted barrel get the VFS-- much better stock (HS Precision) that is bedded already. It also has a plastic pocket in the butt-stock that will hold almost 4lbs of lead. Adjusting the trigger and adding the weight is a afternoon job. (hit me up a pm and I'll send you directions)
Doing so will go a long ways to better groups, and getting you on target-- and back again for the follow up.

The A5 is a great stock, I have one on order (for 6 months)-- but the HS stock that comes with the 700P and the VSF is one the doesn't necessarily need replacing. It's a great stock made by a great company-- and it's trusted by LEO all over the country as their primary precision rifle.

The stock doesn't necessarily equate to accuracy unless it's a POS like the one that comes with the SPS or other Tupperware stocks like some of the ones that come with the Salvage cough Savage rifle-- trust me I have two Accuracy International AICS rifles that don't shoot much better than my VFS 700.

So figure $900 for the rifle

IOR Scope 10x42 $800

Rings and 20 MOA base $200

Shoot off your pack or buy a Harris 3-9 BRS notched leg $100

You'll probably get .25 moa at 100 yards with this set up if you do your job.

jeepcreep927 09-04-2008 03:01 PM

I second JPBeck on the 700P. I have an LTR in .308 that is stupid accurate, out of the box. I adjusted the trigger slightly, down to about 2.5# with zero take up or over travel, and put a Leupold VX II 4.5-14 on it with a plain old Leupold 1 piece base and Leupold rings. I did lap the rings first, but no other tweaks. With my hand loads (110 grain V Max, 35 grains IMR 3031 and CCI primers) it is shooting .5 (maybe a little more, but not .75) moa.

The HS stock has it hands down over the McMilllan in my opinion, and it doesn't have the huge palm swells like the PSS. I have never shot anything with an A5 stock however.

Without having to drop $$$ for a replacement stock right off the bat, the LTR would keep you within your budget. I am seeing them around for $850 +/-.

hillbilly68 09-04-2008 03:21 PM

This is why I enjoy this forum so much. Thanks gents, I truly appreciate the help and sharing your expertise. I am giddy about getting her set up, Christmas is coming early! I just hope I can beat the wife to the UPS packages, she explored the contents of the safe while I was gone and I kept getting emails through the year "hey, why do we have two of these" or "I didnt know you had..." She used to be blissfully ignorant of firearms recognition, its my own fault for training her!
Thanks again gents, will keep you posted and will get some pics up during the process.


Dillinger 09-04-2008 04:15 PM

I have to say defer to JP Beck & Jeep, they are more Remington guys, I am not that familiar with their line, and JPBeck has some great build ideas from his other website duties.

In any event, I would definitely suggest bedding any factory stick, along with a trigger job, and a good quality scope & mounting.


cpttango30 09-08-2008 11:10 AM

You can go with the SPS and then sell the stock of Ebay for $75 then go to Bel & Carlson and get the Vert grip Medilist Tactical stock. This stock comes to you with a full alum bedding block for a good solid mount to the action #2092 short action or #2096 for long actions. Now you have sold a stock for $75 and you have purchased one for $213, 213-75= $138. Or you could go the laminated wood route as well. But these can be more costly than the Bel & Carlson stock and they take a lot of work to get them finished.

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