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Joshua M. Smith 12-15-2011 08:29 PM

7.62 Caliber Questions

I've been wondering what the wound channel from a 7.62x54R FMJ 147 grain bullet looks like. I bought a bunch of pulled bullets a while back for plinking and target shooting, but it seems to me the base would turn forward.

These do not have air gaps in the noses.

Though I keep soft point around for critters, I do wonder how they'd drop with the FMJ running 2500 to 3000 feet per second. (I normally load 45 grains Varget for fun, but 47.2 grains will run pretty doggone fast.)

Are the lethality and immediate incapacitation effects really that much less on FMJ rifle bullets?

How about if the nose were ground down a bit, not enough to expose the lead, but enough to, say, create a small meplat?

My second question concerns accuracy and precision: With handloads, I can get these bullets into under 1" to 2.5" at 80 yards, depending on the day and how I'm doing. This is on par with what I can do with open sights and the soft points (which are Hornady, by the way).

With open sights, do you believe it would be worth grabbing up a box of Match King or whatever I can find, or are open, or am I at the design limit of open, iron military sights? The front post is down from about 0.080" to 0.060" and tapered, but I'm not sure how much difference that makes. I know I like it better.

So... any help on these two questions would be appreciated!



orangello 12-15-2011 08:32 PM


It has a couple of different types of projectile shown. I would prefer not to be shot with any of the ones they tested. :eek: OUCH!

I haven't bought a Mosin Nagant rifle yet, but i have been intrigued by the heavy barrel available from Classicarms.

therewolf 12-15-2011 08:39 PM

Well to answer one and a half of your questions,

7.62, (nominal .30 caliber, here in the US) is a

universal military round caliber designed for

wounding soldiers with Geneva Convention acceptable

FMJ rounds, which are designed specifically to

penetrate the human body cavity, and, if they don't hit bone, merely

pass through, creating a (hopefully) minimal wound channel.

This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is pretty much the

opposite of your generally intended purpose when sport hunting.

Now comparing quality Hornady rounds to bulk manufactured

military rounds in any way is nearly impossible, IMHO. You

can't expect half the accuracy you would get from Hornady from

surplus ammo...

jpattersonnh 12-15-2011 09:01 PM

I am curious how you can tell if they have air gaps or not. Most had an aluminum or other light alloy under the nose. Standard 7.62x54r 147..152gr tend to yaw, maybe not completely flip, but really don't go strait through. 7.7 or .303 Brit also a .311 in 174gr is constructed the same way. It was a way around The Hague convention(Conference), it is not the Geneva convention. The Japanese in WWII were known for making dumb dumbs out of their 6.5 round. My Dad told me what happened to the bodies of Japanese soldiers found with them. BTW, The USA never signed the Hague convention.

Rex in OTZ 12-15-2011 09:03 PM

Your pulled bullets Mosin Ammo or .30 US Govt ?
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I have a accointance that says the 147gr Cezh FMJ black tip is the best for hunting caribou uses Mosin Finn M39(Arctic Alaska) says it goes right through them like a buzz saw
I like useing what my rifle throws best Mosin P-27(Wolf Gold/Silver Bear 203gr SP)

Was wondering about the comparrison of .303Brit, 7.65Arg Mauser, 7.7Arisaka, and the 7.62x54R bullet Dia's to relavant bullets dia's?
just how close to the same dia is modern made ammo?? .311" .311" .311" .312"

I see Cabelas reloading they carry
Sierra .303 (.311) SPT/HPBT 150/174/180gr
Hornady .303(.312")SP/RN/FMJ-BT 150/174gr

Bufflo Arms -
Natchez shooting supplies -
Wideners -
are other great source's of reloading componets for odd size stuff.

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