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WannaGator 06-10-2010 05:11 PM

.357 Magnum/ .38 Special Lever Action Rifles?
Guys how many of Ya use a .38 Special/.357 Magnum lever action rifle for Hunting?

What brand do ya have/ recommend?

CA357 06-10-2010 06:13 PM

I no longer hunt and haven't for many years. However, I had a Marlin 1894CS in .38/357 and it was handy, light and pure fun to shoot.

RevDerb 06-10-2010 08:24 PM

Marlin 1894 Carbine. I just got it a month or so ago and I'm unsure what will go into the field with me in November; .30-30, .357, or .45-70. We'll see. :eek:

Flint Rock 06-11-2010 12:44 AM

I enjoy my Marlin 1894C. The recoil is light and it is relatively cheap (well, it use to be) shoot. If you want to hunt deer or hogs with it, I would point you in the direction of Buffalo Bore Ammunition, Buffalo Bore Ammunition 357 Magnum 180 Grain Lead Flat Nose Gas Check Box of 20 - MidwayUSA. That said, I don't really like the .357 for either of those critters. I have used mine to take groundhogs out to around 50 yards (using a 1.5-5 scope). I prefer a 158 grain semi jacketed flat point , but will use a soft point if that's all I can find.

Txhillbilly 06-11-2010 01:05 AM

I have a old Rossi model 92 carbine 38/357,but I have never hunted hogs with it.I like having a little bigger hunk of lead hitting hogs.
I usually use my Winchester 94-44 Magnum shooting 240gr SWC or 300gr Hardcast bullets,or my Uberti 73-45 Colt with stout 255gr RNFP loads.

bigdad5 12-16-2015 08:35 PM

I have bought two puma rifles whom also may have been the back bone from Rossi. Anyway I own a 454 Causall that shoots 45 long colts very nicely. And both rifles handle heavy loads nicely but the 454 full load is rather punishing. I now use 230 gr. JHP from Hornedy and that projectile is sitting over 16 grains of blue-dot powder. It is a nice brush rifle in the configureation loaded with regular primers in a 45 long colt casing. That load seams to be close to max with out to much signs of pressure. the .357 rifle I am loading 140 gr. Speer JHP over 12.5 grains of blue dot. But more about the rifle my 10 year old grand daughter shoots it with factory load 158JSP very nicely and she weighs about 80 pounds and is wacking clay targets on the berm at 80 yards with it .

togterry 12-16-2015 10:34 PM

.357 Magnum/ .38 Special Lever Action Rifles?
Just picked up a Rossi 92 in 38/357 with a 16" stainless steel. Love it. I am doing a little work on it to smooth it out - spring kit and some stoning but it is nice and a great shooter.

JTJ 12-16-2015 11:51 PM

Wow! A 5 year old zombie thread. Since it is open again, I have an H&R single shot. Dont hunt anymore but do shoot it. Mostly at 50 yards with 38 spl.

Donn 12-17-2015 02:21 AM

I have a Henry Big Boy 357/38spl. Bought it to accompany my 357mag revolvers. It's a great shooter, like a 22 on steroids.

303tom 12-17-2015 02:30 AM

I don`t have but would love to have a lever action .38/.357 mag................

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