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My24462 07-31-2008 09:44 AM

300 Win Mag Recoil
Hello to everyone! First ever post on this forum. :)

In the market for a hunting rifle(I live in Africa). Friend of mine already have a 30-06(is very solid rifle for africa plain game), but i looking for somethings different, at this moment I lean toward a 300 Win Mag.

Since no one(including myself) I know ever shot a 300 Win Mag before, I would like to asks someone whose has use both 30-06 and 300 Win Mag, give me some idea.

1. How much more the recoil on 300 Win Mag over 30-06?

2. Is there any caliber that do as well as 300 Win Mag, not too much of kick?

3.Which manufacturers make good synthetic stock 300 Win Mag or any
caliber in synthetic stock?

Thanks :)

robocop10mm 07-31-2008 12:45 PM

Remington 700 SPS

Synthetic stock, Remington performance, available in .300 Win Mag.

I would go with the 300 WM as ammo should be more available than the new "short magnums". The WM kicks a bit harder than the -06 but gives about 200-300 fps more velocity than the -06 in any given bullet weight. They hit hard and shoot flat. The recoil is not severe, IMHO.

The "short magnums" allow you to use a rifle in a shorter action but ammo may be an issue, especially for you in Africa.

BTW, I visited your beautiful county in 01. Absolutely wonderful experience. The Kruger park was breathtaking. Saw the whales off rthe coast of Hermanus. Spent some time in Capetown. I will be back! Reminded me of Texas with better coastal areas. I have introduced many friends to the joys of Amarula. My absolute favorite. They are now importing it into the US so I don't have to ration out my bottle. Have a Castle for me.

My24462 07-31-2008 01:47 PM

Thanks robocop10mm!!! :cool:

If you ever coming over for a Hunt, Please let me know, I know a very good & friendly PH that can set you up with a good hunt in his beautiful with good prices as well.

Thanks again!!! :)

Dillinger 07-31-2008 01:55 PM

The .300 Win Mag is punishing, especially if you have a light weight frame. There are some tricks you can do to lesson the felt recoil though...

Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pads are some of the best out there. Really good product that helps keep some of that kick from bruising the bone. They make standard, pre-fit and non-standard grind to fit applications for most rifle choices on the planet. I put them on all my boltguns.

A good quality muzzle break. This will increase the noise in the immediate area around you, so I would suggest good hearing protection, but it will definitely help with the kick of the rifle. This will most likely involve some work from a quality gunsmith. I don't know the lay of the land in your neck of the woods, so I guess you would have to ask around and find someone who could perform the work.

While it's not done much anymore, for a straight hunting rifle there is a trick they used to use on all the big Cape Buffalo and Elephant guns. You have a 'smith hollow out a portion of the stock and insert a mercury vial ( though they may use a different component now that mercury is so dangerous ). I have only ever seen it done one time, but the vial helps tame the recoil by switching motion when the round is touched off. I would say, on a thin barreled .30-06 it was put in, it tamed the recoil, probably, 20%-25% over a similar weapon without one installed.

It kind of plays hell on accuracy, because the mercury isn't static, so when you shoulder the weapon it sloshes around a bit, but the taming of the recoil is a plus. Just know that you aren't going to be shooting super tight, dime sized groups with it.

No offense to Robo, his choice is a good one. I personally don't like the Remington Platform, but they are available all over the world, as are parts for it. In a big .300 Win Mag kind of application, I kind of like a little more meat around the cartridge than the long action Remmy offers.

Here's about a 4Kg weight synthetic from Weatherby/Howa in .300 Win

Here's one from Savage that comes with a free floated barrel, pillar bedded action and a factory muzzle break. I would be a little leary, only because they seem to offer too much for the price. I am willing to bet the components aren't all the best available - but if you don't have access to many choices, this could be a possibility.

Here's a Tikka that fits your criteria. They are a company that started in Finland, but has recently been absorbed into the Beretta family. They might be more readily available outside of the US.

Here's the Sako version, for about TWICE the price. They do make a good rifle though...

Hope that helps.


My24462 07-31-2008 04:04 PM

Thanks JD !!! ;)

30-06 did kick much at all; That what I remember from last week hunt.

100 meter+/- away from the Blue Wildebeest, touch the feather trigger, shot fired. Herd of Blue Wildebeest running away, I didn't heard sound and felt any kick. Everything was calm and quiet, except that not what the Blue Wildebeest felt . . . :cool:

180gr Federal Vital-Shok. The animal was down 40 meter from the POI, lungs (could have some heart as well) shot. But there aren't any exit wound. One tough animal . . .

That why I'm considering to buy the 300 Win Mag, just to get a little bit more penetration power. :cool:

Dillinger 07-31-2008 04:18 PM

You know My, there are a couple of guys who are real reloading experts here on the forum. I am betting they could give you some pointers on loading the .30-06 a little heavier and getting the damage/penetration that you are looking for. The Aught 6 is really a great, universal round. It can be up and down loaded depending on condition, so I would be surprised if there wasn't a load that would work for your hunting needs.

Paging cpttango30!!


matt g 07-31-2008 05:03 PM

You might try Barnes Bullets' 200 gr. TSX. They cause astounding trauma through a massive wound channel.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see high speed video of one of their rifle bullets in ballistics gel:

The only downside to them is that they're solid copper.

G21.45 07-31-2008 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by My24462 (Post 34251)
Hello to everyone! First ever post on this forum.

In the market for a hunting rifle(I live in Africa). Friend of mine already have a 30-06 (is very solid rifle for Africa plain game), but I’m looking for something different; at this moment I’m leaning towards a 300 Win Mag.

Since no one (including myself) I know ever shot a 300 Win Mag before, I would like to asks someone whose has use both 30-06 and 300 Win Mag, give me some idea.

1. How much more the recoil on 300 Win Mag over 30-06?

2. Is there any caliber that does as well as 300 Win Mag, not too much of kick?

3.Which manufacturers make good synthetic stock 300 Win Mag or any caliber in synthetic stock?


:) Hello there! Before you make that final decision there are several other things you should take into consideration:

First, the Winchester 300 magnum is one of the most versatile rifle calibers in existence! Forget about recoil – It’s a non-sequitur. I’d be more interested to know whether or not you reload? .308” diameter bullets are available for the Winchester 300 magnum all the way from a light recoiling (very light recoiling) 100 grain, ‘pill’ up to a smashing 200 grain, ‘large game’ bullet.

I presume you realize that the 300 Winchester magnum is – ideally – a superlative 30 caliber LONG RANGE rifle cartridge? It can be used for game animals like large bears and lions; but, it is NOT a, ‘perfect’ cartridge for animals weighing in excess of 500#’s. In the United States numerous police SWAT and sniper teams field the 300 Winchester magnum. This is, primarily, because of the 300 magnum’s superlative long range flight characteristics. (You’re going to need decent optics!)

The Winchester 300 magnum is considerably better for your purposes than either a 30-06, or a 308 caliber rifle; however, a Winchester 338 magnum – Which is, truly, suitable for all of the large North American bears; and, from what I understand, many larger African plains animals – it ain’t! This is, ‘Why’ I think you should, also, be considering the Winchester 338 magnum.

My final suggestion would be for you not to focus excessively on recoil; it certainly doesn’t have to be a significant issue on the Winchester 300 magnum – especially if you reload. Most rifle practice sessions involve shooting no more than 20 rounds. A healthy young man shouldn’t have a problem with that; and, if you’re making a shot that really counts, then, I’ll bet you don’t even feel the recoil. ;)

(Tuck the rifle’s butt tightly into your shoulder before each shot; and, keep your neck and shoulders relaxed as you let-off. You’ll be fine.)

Oh, yeah, the stock you want is McMillan :cool:

My24462 07-31-2008 05:37 PM

Thanks G21.45 :D, I was waiting for someone to mention the '338 Win Mag'.
So, I could pursuit the 338 Win Mag. :p

Yes, I'm thinking about doing my own reloading!

Initially I was split between the 300 and 338, but I take the following into the

1. 300 should kick a bit already, so 338 would kick even more?

2. From what I saw from the internet, 338 aren't the favourite from the manufacturer point of view. Not too many company produce 338.

3. What are the advantage 338 have over those of 300. Are there going to be a big difference in 'HUNTING' performance.

Now, there're a new question here. '300 Win Mag' or '338 Win Mag'.

Anyone, idea? PLEASE . . . !!! :confused:

And THANKS to everyone for advice!!! :)

robocop10mm 07-31-2008 06:49 PM

For the African plains game the .338 would be much better as far as terminal performance. The cost is more recoil and more expensive ammo. The ammo would likely be harder to find in the US but might actually be easier to find in SA.

The Remington 700 is a good rifle, not the perfect rifle. There are others that have different features and are maybe better. For my budget the 700 is a very good choice. Others have finer tastes and fatter wallets. For them the sky is the limit. Some like the Savage offerings and others like the Ruger M-77. My experience is limited to the Rugers that left a lot to be desired in the area of accuracy.

To me the arguement between Remington, Ruger, Savage, Winchester, Tikka, Sako, Howa, Blazer etc is kind of like the arguement between Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo. They each have features that appeal to a certain segment of the buying public. They will each get a specific task done but will do so with varying degrees of performance at vastly different price tags.

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