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30-06 ???

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Check out Remington 783. I got one in .270 and it shoots lights out, seems a lot more durable than the Savage or the Ruger (have shot all three)

Either way, $400 for the rifle what is your budget for a scope?

I picked up a used Remington 700 adl with a Nikon Buckmaster scope last year for $400. Shoots great, added a new stock last month and now it's crazy good.another option for you, more rifle for your money

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Jagermeister View Post
Fair enough. At least on some good company at the gasthaus. Maybe see who has the better beer. I am sure there is something better then Fosters, right? I would love to hunt in the outback though. I love a challenge. Have you had any close calls with the any critters? Boars are our main concern. I have seen them tear up some idiot hunters. I heard of one guy who got the arteries in his legs severed. The boar went in between his legs like a tunnel. You should always step sideways with a charging boar. Well, anyways, he bled to death in a matter of minutes. The tusks (we call them waffen, which means weapons) are very sharp. I have cut my hand preparing a trophy.
Fosters is absolute cat's piss bloody terrible stuff probably close to degreaser or dishwashing liquid.
There's a lot better beer than that crap here.

Hunting in our "outback" is not a Summer proposition a sit can depending on where you are hit above 40 degrees C and I've hunted in that heat chasing pigs on dams or near rivers as pigs don't sweat so they must wallow to keep their body temps down and the mud acts as a heat shield.

Winter time or just after the wheat harvest(around November till December) is the best times as they're out on the stripped wheat eating the spilt grain.

I haven't been charged by pigs YET but a few of my mates have mainly while dogging them and have had some close calls as well as having their dogs ripped even with the protective breast plates on.

The worst pigs are the one's with the smaller hooks on them as these are like razor blades and can open you or your dog open like a can opener an dgenerally after that you'll need tetanus injections plus whatever else as these pigs will eat anything from grass roots to rotten cow or Kangaroo carcasses.
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recoil and performance between 308 and 30-06 are identical from 147-168 grains both use .308 bullets. from 170-220 grain the 30-06 beats the snot out of 308win.
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Originally Posted by hairbear1 View Post
If your not use to recoil then I would suggest not benching a 30/06 too much as it's not really a bench rifle good for sighting in and load development and you may well end up with a bad flinch as it may well leave you with some lasting memories and a love bite on the shoulder.
A good recoils pad makes a world of difference. My 30-06 used to beat the hell out of me when I shot from a bench. I put a Pachmayr on it and now it's pretty comfortable to shoot.
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I just bought a T/C Venture 30-06 to go with my Remington made 1903 Springfield. Love the 30-06 cartridge and I reload for it so I can get the most out of the round.

When I was looking for a new 06 my budget was slightly higher than the price of the Ruger American and the Savage Axis but I really liked both of those guns and nearly bought the Ruger American anyway. I favored the Ruger and my son liked the Savage.

Im happy with the Venture though. Its a very good rifle.
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I love my Winchester Model 70.
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Doesn't matter what lower costing Rifle you get nowadays, as all Manufacturers make good shooting models. I've got a cheap older Mossberg ATR100 in 30-06.

What makes it shoot well, is the Nikon Buckmaster Scope mounted in Leupold Rings. Nothing fancy, just good solid, reliable components that get the job done. Also got the Scope "Used" to save money. When it came to Ammo, I chose different Manufacturers (and) Bullet weights to test with. Settled with best accuracy of "Off the Shelf" over a 2 week period of Remington Core-Lokt 150gr. that would Cloverleaf 4 shots at 100yds.

Get what fits you well, and has good feeling ergonomics when you bring that Rifle up to your Shoulder for testing. If something just doesn't feel right, move on to the next Manufacturer's Rifle, that has all the right feelings for ya.
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A good compact .308 will do fine for just about all hunting outside of Africa or Alaska. I live where there are big elk, moose and both grizzly and black bears, and bison. An animal is not gonna know if it was shot with a .308 or 30/06, they are too close in ballistics. As JonM said, the 30/06 has the advantage for really large game, as the larger powder capacity of the 30/06 will drive the heavy bullets ( 180, 200 and 220 grain) faster. But for deer elk and hogs, most people will use a 150 or 165 most of the time. And for the person who said the .308 has a lot less recoil than the 30/06, maybe a little less recoil, more depends on the shape of the stock, and the weight of the rifles, assuming equal bullet weights. I just bought a Remington Left Hand 700 in .308, want to make a Scout rifle based on that action.

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For the record I own a 30-06 and love it so nobody get their knickers in a twist when I say this. The 30-06 is not a beginners gun, even if he can handle the recoil it will do nothing good for his shooting habits.
Nowadays I can handle my 30-06 with ease even with my full house handloads, but still rarely use it for hunting simply because it is too much gun for coastal deer at close range.
243, 25-06, 7mm-08 are all great low recoil options but my personal favorite is the 6.5x55 which is my go to gun.
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Always had.308's, have 2, a Win M100, and a new Ruger 77 Gunsite Scout....always wanted an .06, so when Midwest Shooters (in Lomira WI,) saw my dumb ass wandering in, they showed me this, and being a hopeless lever freak, was all over but writing the check....
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