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Yea the 500 to 800 yard shot was more of a target shooting range. I had no intension of hunting from that far out. I'd just like to know with practice I'd be able to hit a target at that range.

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We've shot (stationary) clay pigeons at 500 with the .25-06 with no problems, and smack the 650 gong at anytime. The .22-250 is harder, because of the light bullet. Luckily, its fast. But at 650, with a 3mph crosswind, a 50g bullet will drift 2 1/2 feet. Makes targets alot more challenging.

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The 22-250 is not too light for deer. You just have to use the proper bullet for the job. You don't go hunting deer with a darn 55gr V-max bullet.

A 22-250 with a 60gr Nosler Partition, Barns TSX in 62gr or 70gr, Swift Scirocco II in 62 or 70gr. Will kill deer dead. You as a hunter need to do your part and put the bullet where it belongs.

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Originally Posted by jbarnett31 View Post
I'm thinking about getting a different caliber rifle. I'm looking at either a 25-06 or 22-250. I want it to be accurate at long ranges 500-800 yards and be good for target practice and deer hunting. I don't have any experience with either caliber and would like to hear your thoughts.
I have owned both and for your intended purpose the 25-06 wins hands down.
Had you said 'varmint hunting' rather than 'deer hunting' I would have went with the 22-250.
In some states the .224 cal is not even legal for deer, and in those where it is, it is not recommended by most knowledgeable hunters!

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To me the .22-250 is just like .25-06 Lite..................


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220 Swift is my choice

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The .25-06 is a superb cartridge. I have yet to meet the person who was not thrilled with the accuracy. I cannot load a "bad" cartridge for my quarter bore. Coyotes at 400 are VERY attainable. Deer inside of that.

I ONLY use 117-120 grain bullets in mine. BTHP's for vermin and BTSP's for deer.


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I've always looked at the purchase of new firearms with the thought of availability of ammo in mind. In my area any caliber that begins .22 is still very hard to come by. I know this is a bit off topic for your thread, just something to keep in mind.


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I have the Remington VTR in .22-250 and I love that cartridge. That being said, there is no way I would use it for deer sized game and definitely not at the ranges you suggested. I have taken coyotes at 300 yards but 500-800 is a different ball game. My rifle is zeroed at 200 yds and I am showing @ 33 inches of drop at 500 yds. Velocity at that point has dropped in the 1,900 range. I couldn't imagine pulling a trigger on an animal at 800 yds with a 55gr bullet in my gun.

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I agree with the general consensus that the .22-250, while a fine varmint round would not be my first choice. On the other hand, I consider the .25-06 to be an excellent selection for deer hunting. I would trust one with the the right bullet choice out to 400 yards if the hunter can do his job, although honestly 300 yards is probably a more realistic max range given the marksmanship of most hunters.

That said, IMO even 500 yards is outside the realistic hunting range of 99.9% of hunters for ethical shots, let alone 800! Shooting at such ranges is a whole 'nuther thing from shooting at 100-300 yards.

If you are just talking about punching paper or shooting iron targets that's different. AFAIK, the .25-06 isn't a cartridge you see in long range target competition (I'm no expert in that field, but it does seem to be dominated by 6.5mm cartridges for a number of obscure and highly technical ballistic reasons). But the .25-06 will certainly do for casual long range shooting.

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