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sniperjase 01-14-2012 05:42 PM

.22 centerfire hornet
Hi can some one tell me why people want to keep away from .22 hornet rifles I really want one but people say the barrels are crap on them and they are not reliable thanks

JTJ 01-14-2012 06:13 PM

You are in the wrong section. Post your question on the rifle discussion section.

c3shooter 01-14-2012 08:18 PM

Moved the thread for you. Do not know where you got the information, but the .22 Hornet has been around a long time, and WITHIN ITS LIMITS does a good job. It is NOT a deer round, and it is NOT a 700 meter round. The improved version (K-Hornet) is a bit better.

.220 Swift (entirely different round) WILL eat barrels when you push it up around 4200 fps. Back off to 3800 and it is a different matter.

hiwall 01-14-2012 09:46 PM

I've had a couple of Hornets and have several friends that have them. It is a fine caliber. If it was no good they would not be still making guns in that caliber after more than 70 years.

JTJ 01-15-2012 03:25 AM

Hornady has introduced the 17 Hornet. Savage is making rifles for it. I believe there have been problems with chamber variation on the 22 Hornet.

ncdeerhunter99 01-24-2012 01:07 AM

my uncle has one and it is a h&r .It has extreme accuracy but suprisingly its extremely loud .

RifleFreak 02-14-2012 02:53 AM

I have had mine for about 10 years, and never had a problem. I use a Ruger 77/22 with a leopold 4x32 scope. It is a nice accurate round to about 250 yards then its grouping is very un-stable. The barrel is a great barrel. As long as you clean it and make sure you are using good ammo that not too heavy you will be fine. If you want a gun that the ammo is the same price but you want to shoot a longer range, look at a .223. I know Savage Model 12, is a great right out of the box gun. I have a cousin that used to work for a dealer and he said it was the best .223 Stock Gun that he has seen.

texaswoodworker 02-14-2012 04:38 AM

.22 hornet is a fine round. Virtually no kick, and very accurate. No, it will not reach out to super long distances, but it is a great varmit/small game gun. It was not designed to be a deer gun, but it will take down a buck with good shot placement (I would not recommend to use it for that though.) It's a really fun gun, but ammo is getting a little hard (and expensive) to find.

Durangokid 02-14-2012 05:16 AM

The older Hornet barrels tend to run out at .222 to .223. The modern centerfire .22s run .224. The older rifles should be slugged before expecting good results at the range. Modern Hornets are accurate rifles on smaller varmints with in its limited range.:) The .223 Rem. would make a better CF .22 in todays world.;)

huffmanite 02-14-2012 01:18 PM

I've had a martini cadet rifle in 22 hornet for about 2 years that is very accurate and reload the ammo. Don't get a lot of reloads out of Hornet brass due to its thin brass. One of reasons the K-hornet version is better, should get more reloads with brass and has a slightly larger case capacity, producing a little more velocity.

I've had a couple of fellow Hornet shooters at range I'm a member tell me they use their hornet for deer hunting. One gent was in his 80s and said he'd successfully used his old Savage hornet rifle for about 35 years to hunt deer. He'd always limited the distance of his shot to no more than 75 yards, saying majority he'd killed were 50 yards or less and only took head shots. If you'd seen his target when he was at range a week or so before deer season to check the zero on his scope, you wouldn't have trouble believing him about using the hornet for deer. Had to ask him if he'e ever shot one and lost him, "yep, a couple of times he replied, but both times the deer had suddenly turned its head just as he was pulling the trigger causing me to miss a clean kill." The other gent that had used a hornet for deer hunting is in his early 60s and he too only took head shots on deer no more than 50-70 yards away. Personally, I'd use a larger cartridge rifle for deer.

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