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engles5 03-13-2012 05:52 PM

Does anyone out there use a 22-250 for deer hunting and how well does it work?

dks7895 03-13-2012 06:14 PM

Depends on the deer, distance, shooter, bullet, shot placement. I shot a doe with my 223 55gr SP at 75 yards. Trashed both lungs and she was done.

2bit 03-13-2012 06:52 PM

My personal opinion would be that for most folks who do not shoot much or at all during the year is that it is too little gun.


bigdaddy573 03-13-2012 07:01 PM

Plz don't shoot a deer with a 250 its a varmint round not a deer rifle and yes it will kill a deer but its just way to small for the job if u want a good deer rifle that dont kick hard get a 243


BlueTurf 03-13-2012 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by 2bit (Post 739125)
My personal opinion would be that for most folks who do not shoot much or at all during the year is that it is too little gun.


+1 on that. If your deer hunting experience is limited and you don't hunt very much I would suggest using a bigger cartridge. Always consider shot placement with whatever cartridge you are using and don't simply expect to do it all with power.

engles5 03-13-2012 07:51 PM

Can a 8year old and11 year old Handel a 25-06 i was going to get them the 22-250 but the perfect deer round is the 25-06

2bit 03-13-2012 08:27 PM

Ok I am going to venture into real estate that I will probably get lots of grief for but it is an open forum. Again, just my opinion.

I think 8 is too young to start killing deer. Maybe even 11. I am 56 now and started in Michigan when the legal age was 14 back in the early 70's. I do think that as a young child it is the time to teach the kids that there is SO much more to hunting than just pulling the trigger and killing something. It is the time to teach them about what is going on out there in the woods beyond the computer and video games. That there is an entire experience to appreciate that goes far beyond just "Did you get one?" or "How big was it?" That seems to be the only measuring tape now days.

I have lived in Texas now for the past 32 years and am amazed by how many times I see photos of little kids shoot their first buck and its a 120 class or larger and I can't help but think if the kid even realizes how special it is or what it means to work for something. My father made me carry a BB gun for two years and walk the corn fields to learn how to pheasant hunt with him, my uncles and grandfather. I was probably 8 years old then. Eventually I got to hunt like an adult and assume the responsibilities of all that is hunting. The memories of those BB gun hunts are no less special than the time I downed my first rooster in the snow.

My personal opinion. Let them sit with you. Teach them. Let them earn the right to hunt. It will be lessons they will appreciate long after the hunt is over.

Besides what are you going to do with three dead deer? That is a lot of venison to eat/waste.

Oh yeah. I have two daughters. Age 23 and 19. I started them out plucking doves, docks, and geese in the garage. They watched as I butchered deer and hogs and now do there own. The oldest is going to be a veterinary surgeon.

They both love to hunt and fly fish with me. My oldest daughter's first buck was at age 18 and is a funny looking spike. But the moment could not have been better and the hunt any more special. She had put in lots of hours of shooting,learning and she knew I was not going to let her shoot a big deer. That would be something she would grow into and earn the right to do. She now has the maturity to hunt on her own and is death to hogs with a .30-06. No first deer for the younger daughter by her choice. But she, like her big sister does love to shoot hogs with a rifle. It's a good thing my bow has a 70 pound pull or they would probably be steeling that next.

No offense.
Just my experiences

7mmstw 03-14-2012 01:09 AM

The 7-08 is a great caliber to start youngsters out on deer with, as is the 30-30, 243,6mm, best to stick with short action, medium to low pressure loads. I agree with the other guy on letting the child sit/learn with you until at least 11-12. Now as for using a 22-250 on deer. I have, not the best choice but I was out culling the herd and was strictly head shooting. Do you hand load? If so you can get bullets that could work for deer sized game. Is it recommended, eh that's tough to say. Most 22-250 rifling twists are for light 40 grain bullets going really fast. So even if you loaded heavier bullets, chances are they would not stabilize.

Best bet would be to go with alternate caliber. Good luck.

gunnut07 03-14-2012 01:27 AM

Loaded with the right bullet a 22-250 is an excelent deer rifle.

I would load it with any of the following bullets.

Sierra 65gr Gameking
Nosler 60gr Partition
Swift 62gr Scirocco 2

If you place your shot correctly and don't take bad shots. It will work every time. Granted that it is legal to hunt big game with a .224 cal round. If the 223 can kill people why can't a 22-250 kill a deer? I believe hunters should shoot more than 5 rounds 1 week before season starts.

If someone knows their rifle they should have no problems.

primer1 03-14-2012 01:34 AM

Hey 2bit.. you have two daughters 19 and 23? Wanna be my friend? Seriously, it depends on the kid. Some mature faster than others, my 7 year old girl is learning on a red ryder, not ready for a .22 yet. Some her age have safely taken game.Don't assume the kids don't appreciate the experience, even though some surely don't. Also don't assume the meat is wasted, its a precious commodity I rarely see wasted. My two cents...

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