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ruger58 04-26-2013 02:49 AM

LCP vs. LC9
I currently own an Sr9 but I'm looking for a smaller ccw Ruger. The prices are similar so I'm not too worried about that, I just wonder if the weight of the LCP is too small and if the LC9 is more comfortable. I do like the extra round that the LC9 carries. Any thoughts?

marc29th 04-26-2013 03:08 AM

Both are great choices for CCW I carried a LC9 for over a year until I sold it to my brother. The 9mm is better than the .380 and you get an extra round and a slightly bigger gun that makes shooting easier while still very concealable.

ruger58 04-26-2013 03:11 AM

Kinda what I was thinking about both guns, appreciate the help brother

marc29th 04-26-2013 03:16 AM

Plus you already have a 9mm SR9 so 2 guns 1 caliber of ammo.

Toll13 04-26-2013 03:17 AM

An lcp bit me once, I don't trust the little buggers. It was the chamber too. But seriously, if you have larger hands, it will get you. Try the lc9.

danolator 04-27-2013 01:50 AM

I had the LCP. Too small & inaccurate except very short distances. But hey, it's a bug. I pocket carry my LC9 quite often. It is accurate at reasonable distances and packs a better whallop.

aandabooks 05-03-2013 02:56 AM

I had the LC9 for awhile and never really loved it. Long trigger and it didn't fill out my hands well. I have a S&W 9c now that has a better trigger and feels like it was made for me.

jedibiker 05-19-2013 02:59 AM

I carry the LC9 daily, and love it. It fits my hand nice, but that's a personal call. I would definitely shoot it if you can. The long trigger pull is alive it or hate it relationship. I love it, because I KNOW I meant to pull, no quick double fire on reflex. Others may disagree. It's worth it to put a few rounds through one if you can. It may make your decision for you either way. Good luck!

mahall 05-22-2013 04:25 AM

Those who have carried both for everyday carry!! Is there a big difference in quality of concealment!! Clothes, comfort, printing?? I carry the LCP but thinking the 9mm big brother might be just as easy to carry!! I live in So. fL so light summer clothing always has to be part of the decision!! Thoughts please!

DrFootball 05-22-2013 04:44 AM

I have small meaty hands, and the LC9 bit me the first time I shot it,..but I got used to it through Practice! Well over 600 Rds through mine now with only 1 FTF. Same reason I play Gibson Guitars & not Fender, as they aren't for small hands. OP,..I also own an SR9, and DW has 2 Ruger Wheel Guns(one she bought and one was my late Dad's Duty gun until his job went to Autoloaders).
It does take a little getting used to, but I have a chopped Smith that has almost the same wt.
I use 2 Holsters, the Blackhawk Pocket size 3(also fits the LC380 & LCP) for my man purse, and an Desantis Insider when I wear Pants with a's about the same size as a Walther PPK so I imagine that unless you get yours with a Crimson Trace pre-mounted it will fit most compact concealable holsters. I'm putting a Laser Lyte on mine, since it mounts in the slide and not infront of the Trigger Guard..

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