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GlockGal 04-14-2013 06:09 PM

Sig P224-- anyone?
Hello I have not yet actually held the P224, but have fallen in love with it from researching it.

A local dealer has a SAS SRT gen2 brand new for $899. I want it, but want to talk with someone, preferably ccw, who has shot at least a couple 100 rounds through it.


GlockGal 04-14-2013 06:11 PM

P.s: I currently ccw a Glock 27, which I looooooove and will keep. I just like the P224 looks, and think it would be a great 2nd gun.

I am partial to .40 cal.


zeke4351 04-27-2013 06:59 PM

If I was going to buy a DAO Sig in that size for carry I would get a P250 sub compact instead. Read up on the P250 and check it out before you pay that much money.

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