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niteglock 10-16-2012 11:11 AM

p226 dark elite
I have some questions. I currently own a 226 Dark elite CPO and I'm wondering if it is me or the gun. I know. Everyone is going to say the shooter. But I'm having issues with grouping and shot placement. I've shot glocks, hk, cz, sa, Ruger, and so on and this really never happened. I'm constantly placing my shots low and left. I know I can adjust my sight to adjust the horizontal placement. But not the vertical. I replaced the adjustable sights with sig factory night sights 8/8 and all shots are constantly low if I line up sights but go straight if I aim sights in a pyramid fashion but I don't like that at all. Hard to get used to. I'm used to combat sight because I use it with my hk usp 45 and I'm great with it. Also the barrel has alot of play in it when the slide is back. I mean alot. More than any.other gun I've owned. And the slide rattles alot if I shake it and I can also rock it slightly. And when the slide is locked back I can move the recoil rod around in a clockwise movent alot. The trigger also has alot of side to side play too. Kind of annoying and it feels so gritty when I engage it from double action. Is it just me or is this gun a lost cause? I'm seriously considering trading it for something else but can't make up my mind. G19, M&P9, CZ75, FNP9 you know. Those styles of guns. Can someone help me out. Thanks.

mountainman13 10-16-2012 11:25 AM

No surprise things rattle when the slide is back. Don't worry about it. You changed the sights. Are you sure they are the same height? Are you sure they are centered? If you're having issues with the trigger its more than possible you're pulling your shots also. Too many variables.

drvsafe 10-16-2012 12:01 PM

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How does the pistol perform in another shooter's hands? How does it perform on a bench?

I'm a left handed shooter as is my sister, we both shoot P229r's and notice similar results but for a lefty, meaning our shots land low/right. However, we shot yesterday with a good friend that's a retired LEO, and he shot all of our SIGs and the P229s were SPOT ON in his hands. A lot has to do with the shooter, when you pull the trigger, check to see if your finger is dragging against the inside of the trigger guard. Also, check out the attached chart, this may help you out, before you go changing the front blade...

Flint Rock 10-16-2012 12:24 PM

I have two Sigs in 226, an Elite and a Navy. Slide forward there is only a slight rattle from the slide moving if you shake the gun hard. The barrel does not move nor does the guide rod. Slide back and shaking causes more rattles. Slide back, the barrel will move some as will the guide rod. My trigger does not move in any direction except front to rear. My advice, don't listen to anyone else, just call Sig. I expect they will want the gun back for a little factory TLC.

niteglock 10-16-2012 12:37 PM

I have called sig and they said to send it in if I feel somethings wrong but if they fire a test round through it and it hits and does not malfunction then I have to pay shipping both ways and ammo cost and if they had to adjust the sights I would have to pay for that also. I couldn't believe that they said that to me. With my G21 when I called glock they just sent me new parts on good principal and didn't ask a question. I gave up after that. Even when I told sig my adjustable sights were constantly coming loose they wanted me to pay for shipping so they can check them out. But eventually they sent me the tiny tiny Allen wrenches I needed to tighten them that no hardware store in the world sells. I was very dissapointed with sigs quality control.

niteglock 10-16-2012 12:46 PM

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The first two pics show how much play is in the recoil rod. You can see how far down it sits and how high it can move easily. The second set is how much the barrel moves in and out of the slide when locked back and the third set of pics shows the sights lined up when it shoots very low and the pyramid sight picture when the gun shoots on target.

drvsafe 10-16-2012 12:46 PM

Who replaced the sights for you? And at what distance are you shooting?

niteglock 10-16-2012 12:49 PM

I just checked out the pics and the first two sets don't really show how much the parts move as good as I wanted. But trust me they do. No other gun ever had a recoil rod that was that moveable. Or a barrel that you can move around, in and out, and twist it in between your fingers. But the sight picture is a good example.

niteglock 10-16-2012 12:52 PM

I did the sights myself with a friend that has done all of his own with his sight tool. They are on just fine but I'm thinking I should have a higher rear sight. Sig insisted that these were the right sights for the gun though.

niteglock 10-16-2012 12:55 PM

Any distance it just shoots low constantly. I can't figure it out. When the adjustable sights were on it shot fine. But I hated how large they were and they always came loose. I'm starting to think its just this dark elite model.

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