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Brue182 10-04-2012 05:13 PM

Get this going with a picture thread. Show us your Sigs!
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My two most recent handgun purchases were both Sig Sauers. The first is a P229 stainless elite and the second is a P938 extreme. Just got the 229 yesterday and haven't got a chance to get her dirty. Both guns are 9mm.

drvsafe 10-04-2012 08:17 PM

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I'm loving my P229r. It's been super reliable I an still trying to acclimate myself to the pistol as most of my targets are filled with shot that are low and to the right (I'm left handed as well). But after about 300-400 rounds thru her I've had no issues at all.

I posted on the Sig forum about a 1911 XO that I'm contemplating the purchase of. Any input??

Brue182 10-04-2012 10:15 PM

Well even though I love Sigs my only 1911 is a Kimber. Thinking about going to the lgs to trade it for a sig 1911 lol.

Sonic82 10-04-2012 10:29 PM


drvsafe 10-05-2012 10:02 PM

I just bought a Sig 1911 TacPac, which I guess is their name for their Sig 1911 Nitron finish pistol packaged with 3 mags, speed loader and sig paddle holster. Can't wait and of course will post some photos when I unbox it.

Threetango 10-05-2012 10:33 PM

Have some small versions.

My P938 Extreme 9 mm

My P238 and the wife's P238 Lady version.

marc29th 10-05-2012 10:36 PM

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Here's my SIG Sauer P238

Attachment 62702

winds-of-change 10-06-2012 12:38 PM

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Here's my Sig P238 Lady Model.

Thebiker 10-07-2012 02:17 AM

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OK, I'll play: The first pic is a P239 at the top, a P226 (both 9mm) on left & my STI 1911 on right (prior to grip change).

Next is my new Sig 1911 SS carry followed by my wife's Lady P238 (gee it's cute):D That was a anniversary present.

I guess I like Sigs:cool:

Corndork2 10-07-2012 05:28 AM

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SP2022 and a Streamlight TLR-3 :)

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