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Shoobee 06-28-2014 05:07 AM

My home was burglarized today
I am glad I have a gun safe which protects my guns, computers, jewelry, money, camera, binos, and other documents.

The burglar after breaking in through the window and ransacking the apartment only got away with my Hoyt Maxxis 35 compound bow -- worth about $500 on the internet but cost me close to $2000 including accessories.

He could not get into the safe. He could not get into the locked tool box either. Both weigh too much to carry.

The LEO who took down the incident report said that burglaries are way up in terms of stats.

His suggestion was a noisy alarm system. A dog is a very noisy alarm system.

Wishing I had a dog right about now though.

I agree with European thought that it is irresponsible to have guns without a gun safe. Today is why.

kbd512 06-28-2014 05:34 AM

Sorry to hear that turd trashed your apartment and stole your bow.

I would suggest cameras. I realize that whomever broke in may have worn a mask, but sometimes they don't and they may not cover up unique markings/tattoos that officers who are familiar with the criminals in their area may be able to identify.

If you have a receipt and serial number for your bow, go to the local pawn shops and see if this guy tried to pawn off your bow.

winds-of-change 06-28-2014 06:24 AM

I'm sorry about the burglary. Thank God you had your guns in a safe.

G30USMC 06-28-2014 06:32 AM

Sorry to hear of the burglary, as mentioned, glad your firearms are safe and sound

Steel_Talon 06-28-2014 07:13 AM

Get yourself a small terrier mix or Miniature Schnauzer for an indoor dog. They will raise holy hell when anyone comes near the perimeter..

DrFootball 06-28-2014 08:20 AM

Or an American Bulldog, or Boxer. Very sorry. Can't tell you how many times I had Tires and rims Jacked from my Two Sports cars when I owned them( a 69 Camaro RS and a 72 Nova SS) even back then in the late 70's, Cragars were not Cheap. Glad your important Stuff was protected. Here they try and rob you when your home by "pushing in." Any of our LE friends here know what that is? If not PM me and I will tell you. I saw one of our owners here after it happened to them. Lucky she was not murdered as well. They took her car too, but ins. Totaled it and she got something a little less Flashy,..

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FrontierTCB 06-28-2014 08:45 AM

I agree with the noisy alarm system. The silent type that is monitored by a company is all but useless. By the Tyne it is set off, the alarm company makes a call to police dispatcher, then police get dispatched, and factor in drive time for LE the suspect is normally long gone.

Some people say "install cameras". You may get the thief on tape but, if nobody recognizes them then you have nothing. They don't usually wear name tags.

You can get little door and window audible alarms for under $10 each that make a loud screeching alarm.

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Mercator 06-28-2014 10:33 AM

Sorry to hear this. Did the cops not come over for clues and fingerprints?

There is a good chance the burglar was after your guns and/or the bow. See if anyone has worked in or around your apartment recently.

Shoobee 06-28-2014 10:42 AM

Merc, I saw a suspicious person with an old rickety red compact pickup truck parked outside nearby a day or so ago, and it looked like he was observing the times when everyone in the neighborhood got home. He left soon after I arrived at 5 pm. Up until then he was just sitting on the tailgate of his truck and smoking. I never saw him before.

I am guessing this was my thief.

I had a bad feeling about him at the time. He looked and behaved sinister. He was not talking to anybody and he clearly had no business being there.

We know the LEO's can't do anything about it other than file a report.

The management confessed to me it was the second such burglary in 2 weeks, same mode of entry.

So we are dealing with a serial burglar here who is suddenly preying upon our neighborhood. Both times he seems to have struck in the middle of the afternoon.

With the element of concealment now lost, I will need to move.

He now knows I have a safe with guns in it. He will probably return to try and break into it or in mid day again try to haul it off.

A gun safe only protects you once. After that, the thief can return prepared to tackle the safe.

If I had time I would hunt him down. But I do not. I need to be at work during the daytime.

The project I am working on at work is critical and I cannot take time off from work to set up a trap or watch the neighborhood myself.

Probably the best solution would be to rescue a noisy dog from the local Humane Society. I like Chihuahua's because they are really noisy and small enough to live in an apartment.

My cat obviously would not like that too much though.

If I get a young enough Chihuahua maybe the cat and it could coexist.

The dog needs to be grown up enough to go right into action though.

This is difficult working through.

Our management is inept, and so this complex is very vulnerable.

Mercator 06-28-2014 11:21 AM

Taking in a dog is a big responsibility. If you have the patience to house break it, walk daily, give attention (!) and live with the barking/stealing/accidents, the dog will reward you in a way no living creature can, including fellow humans. For a while I did not. Now we have exactly the kind you may want, small, short haired, and ever vigilant. He raises hell inside when neighbors cats walk by.

Be sure to file the description of the guy to the cops. Stolen goods turn up later, you never know. Sorry the cops weren't more interested. I guess you are not one of commiefornias celebrities.

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