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You catch an intruder in your house during the night.....

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Default You catch an intruder in your house during the night.....

Originally Posted by Balota View Post
Any gun that I would use for home defense is already loaded +1. Why rack a round into the chamber?
1. It tells the BG where you are.
2. It guarantees you are starting the fight one round short.

That said, unless I have to leave my nice safe bedroom to protect a visiting grandcritter, I'm going to call 911, give them the address and situation, put down the phone and start loudly telling the BG to leave. What happens next is up to the BG.

Racking a round tells the BG where you are, but yelling to him to leave doesn't give up your location? I'm one to believe that if a gun has a loaded magazine it mies well have a loaded chamber. Why take the time to load a round when seconds may be very important, or you could just forget and pull the trigger and get nothing

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Originally Posted by boringoldfart View Post
They will 1st hear the sound of me cocking my 12 gauge shot gun. If that doesn't run them off, it will probably be the last thing they ever hear.
that sounds good on TV and in the movies, but not really a realistic approach.

what if the guy invading is high on drugs? the sound of you racking the shotgun is probably not even going to register.

also in the time span involved for you to rack a shell into the chamber, if the invader is armed, you might end up shot and dead.
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JJones. The post I was commenting on seemed to suggest that the plan was:
1. Rack the shotgun to load a shell.
2. Proceed to look for the BG.
3. Shoot if found.
No talking, no warning, no attempt to avoid shooting.

Just suggesting an alternative that may result in a better situation after the event.

Agreed that yelling also reveals location.
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I think it's important here to not get into a set routine that is supposed to cover every situation. For those that do not feel safe with a loaded chamber, clambering a round should be done as soon as the gun is picked up in response to a possible defensive situation. 911 is also on top of e list, probably #2 behind clambering a round, due to the fact that handling the phone while chambering a round requires three hands! But after that, there are too many variables to pre-determine a response.

Example: A drunken college kid forces my front door open, then stumbles through my living room. Do I arm myself? Of course. Do I shoot immediately? Of course not. I tell him to get out or sit and wait for the red-and-blue lighted taxi to take him to the Iron Bar Motel. He isn't a danger to my life even though he has committed multiple felonies. Now, same front door gets forced open, but standing in front of me is a 275-lb, prison-tattooed, drug abuser who is obviously either high or jonesing for drugs. If I have appropriate distance, he MAY get the courtesy of a warning. But any aggression such as moving towards me or drawing a weapon means we have escalated to a point where shooting may be the only viable alternative.

Warnings or cocking the gun for effect may or may not have an affect on the intruder, but it's important that it not be a fixed item on your list of "To Do's" before you can pull he trigger to effectively defend your life. Warnings are great for diffusing situations that are not clear or that can be handled without a shooting. Warning are much cheaper than a shooting with all of its lawsuits and psychological trauma and should be a tool, just like mace, a baton or other non-lethal solution. But nothing should interfere with your thought process of escalating to the level needed to defend your life. Protecting yourself should always include your sanity and your finances along with your body.
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