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Why I carry a .380auto

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Originally Posted by m72law View Post
nuttin wrong with a .380...very close if not same ''depending on ammo as the 9x18 that it is getting warmer weather...i have only 3 small concealable carry choices...rossie m88 5shot .38spl.,cz82 13shot 9x18mak,or my very trusty cz50 8shot 32acp...heck,what ever anyone packs as long as your capable to make each shot count ''if the need be''its going to suck for the person/s on the business end of that life saving tool
The shot counting means not only shot placement but also round capabilities.
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People are going to carry what they want to carry for their own reasons.
I also own a .380ACP pistol, but I don't solely depend on it for self defense.
I use mine as a back-up pistol only. I rather depend on one of my .40 cals for main BG stopper.

Yes, it's all shot placement and no one can argue with that.
Although in most self defense situations shot placement is highly unlikely. Shot placement will bring down any attacker, but in real life attacks a well placed shot is highly unlikely due to chaotic seconds of a gunfight, adrenalin, everyone is moving,etc making shot placement even more difficult.

Best way to stop a threat:
1. The bullet(s) has to destroy the central nervous system function, but that requires very precise shot placement.
2. The bullet(s) has to cause the blood system to depressurize, but that also requires precise or lucky shot placement and in any case it happens slowly even at best.
and the best way to end an attacker...
3. The bullet(s) have to cause so much shock to the body that the body shuts down.

Now, I'm not starting an argument or debate on this topic.
I posted the reasons why I choose a higher caliber over my .380.
#3 in the above paragraph speaks volume to me.

I believe most will carry only a small pocket gun no matter what caliber it is out of comfort. To me, a gun should be more comforting than comfortable to carry.

Although I'm not a fan of the 380 load
I sure wouldn't want to get hit by one.

Everyone needs to carry what's best for them and what they are most competent with. Period.
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I don't think you can compare the .380 ACP to the .38 Special and certainly not the .38 + P.

The difference in bullet weight and FPS is considerable which is why one is considered minor and the other a major caliber.

9mm IMO would fall between these two cartridges in the power scale, is considered the minimum of the major calibers, and is the lightest load I'd bet my life on.

To each his own, carry what works for you, but saying that being armed with an any .380 is nearly equall to being armed with an a .38 Spl. is simply not factual.
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opaww, if you like carrying a 380, more power to ya! I personaly don't care for the small autos(read LCP, Keltec and the like), but that is a preference thing and nothing more. I had a XD9SC but it was bulkier then my Kimber. I carry my 45 almost everywhere but I'm am keeping an eye out for something more along the lines of a grab and go gun which for me will most likely be an LCR.

I agree with you about it being the lower limit of SD weapons. I wouldn't go smaller then 38 or 380.
If the pain is lacking so is the discipline...

"the only 911 call I need is chambering a round" - Mr. Muller, MO car dealer
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Carry what you want, but the fact that you are trying to justify it to everyone speaks volumes. [/QUOTE]

I never got the impression that he was trying to justify anything. I thought he was confident with his choice. I have to agree with him, about the 380 being enough gun, and probably the one you will have with you because it is easy to conceal

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It is very simple for me -- I carry .380 because it is what I can completely conceal in an office environmnet. Whenever possible, I switch to .45, but 95% of the time, the LCP is the one.
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When I'm sitting around the house, in my swim trunks and irreverent t-shirt, I have a issue saddling up with carry gear to get the mail or walk the dog.

I grab my daughter's Elsie Pea and walk out to the mail box knowing I can take the mail lady out with the .380!

Get her dirty, then clean her so she starts to respect you. When her trust is complete, she will serve you well for a lifetime!

"...if doves shot back, there wouldn't be a need for a bag limit."
- orangello
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Originally Posted by canebrake View Post
I grab my daughter's Elsie Pea and walk out to the mail box knowing I can take the mail lady out with the .380!
Dammit - what kind of Dad are you, stealing your daughter's gun...
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All I can say is that I would not want me shooting at me with my .380, and that's good enough for both of us.
"Guns don't kill people. Male Kennedy's kill people."
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