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What is your Self defense plan?

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I don't entertain hypotheticals....there are too many subtle variables unique to any one given situation to come to any "pat" response.

As far as my home is concerned, my wife and I have discussed our "plan" that covers most of the home invasion variables, having designated our safe area, installed deadbolt locks on our interior doors, having our firearms, cell phones, flashlights, etc. in designated areas, rehearsing what to say on the 911 call, etc.

If anyone reading this is not familiar with Jeff Cooper's Color Code, I encourage you to alter your mindset according to this very effective awareness state of readiness:

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Originally Posted by Chainfire View Post
My ongoing plan is to continue train and practice so that if the unthinkable happens, I will not have to think about the mechanics of defending myself or someone around me, and be free to analyze the situation around me.

I Keep up with the laws of my state, and will always retreat, if retreat is possible. (though I am in a stand your ground state) I will put up with unlimited lip, I won't be drawn into incidents like road rage, but stay cool, and be aware of my surroundings. I will not insert myself in to other peoples business, but be prepared to defend my or my families life. I have no desire to be a cop, and would ignore any situation that was not life and death, to me or someone else. I would far rather give up my billfold than to kill someone over it. I am a peaceful man and I have no desire to ever harm any human being. If I pull my weapon, it will be because there is nothing left for me to do, no way to avoid what was about to happen. That is the only way I could live with myself afterwords.
Great post Chain. Well said & agreed

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my self defense plan: stay alive, do what ever is necessary to accomplish that goal..
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My "self" defense plan is pretty simple. I will do anything in my power to avoid confrontation, stop myself from getting into situations that would require any sort of violence, and will run away from a violent criminal if at all possible.

My "family" defense plan is a little more complicated. My wife and children can't run very fast or very far. I do what I can to ensure that reasonable protections are afforded to them by my arming and training myself for unexpected criminal confrontation around the house and around our vehicles.

I refuse to shoot anyone over the theft of any piece of property, including my vehicles, except firearms. It may be legal here in Texas, but it is not moral. I will shoot criminals to prevent them from obtaining firearms through theft, but that is only because the criminal can use that firearm to injure or kill other people.
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I have only once been in a situation where I was threatened. A guy in a car in front of me on the highway threw a bag of trash out his window on the highway. I gave him the double-birds and he went bat-sh!t crazy, jamming on his brakes and then as I moved to pass started swerving at me (I was in a full-size Ford 4X4 truck, he was in a Geo cracker box), I just kept motoring along completely ignoring him as he screamed at me. About a mile or two up the highway we come around a corner and traffic had come to a dead stop. This nut case jumped out of his car and ran up to my door (which was locked) and started screaming at me through the 3-inch gap in the window, he demanded that I get out and I told him to come in and get me if he wanted at me so bad, he stepped up to the door and I popped the door open as hard as I could right into his face, then hit him with it again as hard as I could. Near as I can tell I broke his nose.

Traffic started moving along and drove off leaving him lying in the road bleeding.

My gun was next to me on the seat under a rag. Never touched it and it never occurred to me to.

As for planning for a potentially life-threatening encounter? I don't give it a thought. It will never, and I do mean never go down like the scenario you have in your head.

I try to maintain a high level of situational awareness at all times and stay out of situations that might turn into an unsavory encounter if at all possible. (And I no longer flip the bird at people.)
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I can say this much, no one knows what they will do in a dangerous situation. I have carried both a gun and a knife all my adult life. I have had a job that requires you carry a knife for safety (cutting ropes or stopping dangerous machinery) since I was 13. I was a rowdy young freak. I got in many fist fights. I have toted some good butt whippings. Karma is a bitch - The person in the right usually wins. I am human. I have refused to stand down regardless of the situation. Yet, I never pulled a knife or a gun on anyone. When I have been in fear of my life a hasty retreat was a much better option. Another thing I don't do is dial 911. I have never dialed 911. I have called the police or fire department directly. The first time I called the police was the fall of 2012.

Will I use a gun or knife in the future? I don't know! My aching bones have taken a lot of the piss and vinegar from my spirit. Anymore when confronted with a younger version of myself I try to either defuse the situation or I remove myself from the situation. I see myself 20 years ago standing there and I can't bring myself to engage the young man. COPD has sapped my ability to defend myself with my bare hands. I know my options are limited. Wise men say a good run is better than a bad stand. I am a christian. Even when I have the right to use my gun if I can retreat I do retreat.

Barring a home invasion or a vicious armed robbery I don't think I will use a weapon. It's not my nature to take someones life or cause them serious injury. I pray for the resolve to keep it that way.

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