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What would you do?

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Originally Posted by AR10 View Post
Take a concealed handgun permit class in your area. Ask your instructor this question.
^^^^^^^^^^Thank you.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

My greatest temptation, in any event, would be to bean that

scum of the earth crackhead in the noggin from behind, with

a makeshift club.
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Here in Iowa, it would be legal to draw in that situation.

I am not sure I would without much more awareness of the situation. What is the line of fire? What is behind the perp? Is the perp calm, or is he acting like he is going to attack? What kind of cover do I have? Do I have the advantage? yadda yadda yadda

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Taking this a step further, one can assume this is not happening in a an up scale location at 2pm in the afternoon.

Likely this is happening in a sketchy area of town at 2am.

What are you doing, allowing yourself to be exposed to a 2am confrontation in a bad area of town?

I am 57 years old, and I have rarely if ever gone into a location where the likelihood of a encounter as you describe would be taking place.

Good neighborhoods get robbed in broad daylight, with lots of people around, but it is rare.

Think to keep yourself out of superman situations. You (and I ) are not superman.
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These "what if" questions are pretty pointless as there are so many important variables that are not mentioned.

You can provide the information on who does/does not have a gun, etc but without many more specific details such as location, distance/size of store, dress of perp, your/theirs position, view of streets, lighting, what you see/hear, places to provide cover, etc, etc. it is situations that cannot be compared even to one another posting on this same thread. We all have different ideas of imaginary conditions to play out this event.
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way too many things to give a quick and easy answer to this type of question.

would bringing my gun into play bring the situation to a peaceful resolve or cause more and dangerous actions to play out?

am i in a position that offers cover or in the wide open?

where are the other customers and would they be in more danger if there was shooting going on?

is the robber calm or nervous because he's hyped up on drugs?

am i going to be of more help trying to stop the robbery or being a good witness for the police when they show up?

now my gut instincts are that i would have to step in if i knew without any doubts that by not doing so there could be the loss of life or serious injuries from someone being shot by this scumbag.

but in these "what if" scenarios, there are too many factors that can change the dynamics of that situation. they can end great or badly whether you don't do anything, or if you decide to involve yourself.
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Originally Posted by Axxe55 View Post
but in these "what if" scenarios, there are too many factors that can change the dynamics of that situation. they can end great or badly whether you don't do anything, or if you decide to involve yourself.
Precisely. Like I said, Mr. Murphy's always in the room. I get the impression from this thread and many others like it, too many of us confuse our right to carry with police powers. Here in Michigan, when the authorities ask why you want to carry concealed, the only right answer is personal protection. In the two scenarios outlined at the outset of this thread, neither fit the template of personal protection. Much as I might not like it, if Mr. BG just takes the money and runs, I'm staying out. I'll give police the best description I can, but that's it.
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LoL you guys are makin' this wayyy more complicated than it needs to be.

The only time you intervene in that situation is if the guy decides to try to hurt you or the cashier. Otherwise, let him get the $25 out of her cash register. It's not worth either of your lives.

You need to try to stay out of sight and find a good angle that minimizes the cashiers chances of catching a bullet meant for him just in case he does do something crazy.

In a situation like that, even the police usually don't do anything until after the guy has left the store. And then they try to get in behind him to keep him from running back in. They don't want to deal with a hostage situation. And neither do you.
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Situation 1...Hey stupid! Put down that knife before I pull this trigger.

Situation 2...If I had my J-frame...Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Situation 2...if 1911...Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

See what I did with situation 2? See how very different my response would be depending on what I was packing? You have to have options.

Seriously though...once a gun has already been brought into a crime, I am not going to wait until someone starts dropping people before I react. If you do wait to see what will happen and 3 people die because you waited, that would be tough to live with.

In Colorado defense of another during the commission of a felony is justifiable for use of deadly force. This was covered extensively during my concealed carry class. I have been through it twice. The second time my wife was taking it. So I just sat through it for a refresher.
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I think the one big mistake many conceal carry folks make is when they believe their firearm is for anything other than SELF defense. It's not. Unless you are a trained and authorized responder - you have no business getting involved unless shots have been fired. Even then, you can hurt as much as help

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Here you go.
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