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Spotting a concealed handgun

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wow i feel pretty good cuz i already knew most of that and have been working on ways or tecniques to fix the problem but there was some useful info on that. thanks
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That is pretty awesome. I have to say that I MIGHT do some of these.
Originally Posted by diggsbakes View Post
Now your next task is to shoot it until it hurts, clean, then repeat. That's a beautiful gun. Enjoy!
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I believe that most LEO will notice these things. As do other ccw people. I have noticed another ccw simply because he was dressed like me. I watched him walk for a few seconds and sure enough, I caught a glipse of the bottom of his holster. But before I started carrying and noticing my own problems and the way to overcome them, I never would have noticed. That is how 99.9% of the population is. A lot of people would not notice an unconcealed weapon. They are just too engrossed in their own little world.
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Whenever I'm out and about and see a guy wearing the 'photographer' style vest, it's safe to say he's probably carrying... (You've all seen 'that guy' too... Khaki shorts, baseball cap, and vest, in the middle of summer...)

I hate the fact that these 'concealment' vests so often touted in gun rags are actually nothing more than just giant signs saying "Look at me, I have a gun under here."
The only time you can have too much ammunition is if you're swimming or on fire!

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There was no mention of accidental exposure of a concealed handgun being a crime in my CCW class here in Ohio. AFAIK it is not illegal and it certainly isn't any cause for great alarm in my area. The LEO's treat permit holders like the responsible citizens they are in my area. I can guess that in other parts of Ohio they are not so friendly.

I do take great pains to see that my gun is not revealed but it has nothing to do with worrying about what the LEO's are going to do. My chief concern is the reaction of the general public some of whom take it on themselves to become jr. G men in an attempt to enforce the laws they think should be on the books. In other words they are subject to lie through their teeth about you and what you might be doing with your handgun. I've seen people admit to driving side by side with others on the freeway in order to keep traffic at the speed limit they think should be the law. I've seen people back traffic up for a mile or more doing this. They don't seem to care that what they're doing is likely to cause accidents rather than prevent them. They are not concerned with that. They are what we commonly refer to as "control freaks". If this is you, get the heck out the way before you get someone killed.

So if there are people willing to risk the lives of hundreds of people to force their will on the driving public you can only imagine the level of hostility a gun grabbing liberal might conjur up if they happen to see your weapon. The words "armed robbery" come to mind. The person who drops the dime on you will likely do it from a payphone and then stick around to watch the fun of you being knocked to the ground and having a gun stuck in your ear. Trust me these people most certainly do exist.

So as much as I don't want to agree with those who are attempting to enforce the laws in states where they don't live (control freaks?) I do think it is best to keep your gun concealed at all times. I try very hard to do just that. I'm not claiming to be perfect but if I have ever had my gun show it would surprise me. Very long t-shirts worn outside my pants with an IWB holster and a small frame gun make it unlikely that my gun will show unless I happen onto a trampoline by mistake.

This is something that was brought up in my CCW class. Certain people over react whether they are terrified old ladies or gun grabbing liberals or control freak LEO's who might not even live in the same part of the country as you. There are people who will rat you out and do it with what is known as embellishment. In other words they will lie through their teeth just to ruin your day. Don't give them a reason. Keep your concealed weapon concealed. If you want to carry openly do it without the hint that you're trying to conceal your weapon. I don't claim to have special knowledge of every state law in the nation. I'm just stating what I think is a common sense approach to a controversial issue to many. We're winning this war. There's no good reason to give them ammunition to use against us and having your gun fall out of your holster at Walmart will probably result in just that.

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I am kind of paranoid I guess. I am only really comfortable with pocket carry. I know it is concealed and the only issue I could have is printing. If you have a good pocket holster that will not be a problem. I have read lots of arguments about caliber and how much gun you need for certain situations but I have made the judgment call that a pocket pistol is enough for me. I have lots of better guns in my house for home defense.
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a snub nosed revolver in an IWB holster works very well for me. It takes a little getting used to but can be consealed with an untucked tshirt. the short barrel makes it so walking isnt akward and a you can sit without adjusting.
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UnderFire and RCHarlin,

If I am reading this right, you are both correct but there is a big difference between your local laws and some are luckier than others. One only have CCW, the other have both CCW and OC.

The one with less "freedom" have to live with the restrictions to stay legal, no need to shove it in their face.

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Cane, I am not that far North of you. However, I do not like that much firepower that close to something I have become so fond of, and grown to appreciate. After all those years playing hockey and covering it with a plastic cup, I don't like putting it in harms way now.

like that pocket holster and putting it my right front pocket. Keeps the handgun covered and my happy parts out of harms way.
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