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Scenario: Mugging

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I would just give him what he needs. Life is precious more than anything. Just thinking about my family, I prefer saving my life over keeping non-trivial things I might be carrying on that given situation.

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^^I should have done that a couple of years go when I got mugged.

Was walking to the local shops, and unwisely had my wallet in my hand, just about to put it in my back pocket. This aboriginal guy walked past me; he musta seen the wallet & doubled back. He grabbed it from behind, and like the untrained idiot I was I hung onto it (had my last 15 bucks in it, the bastard!). We grappled and he was a big bugger so inertia took over and I got thrown headfirst onto the footpath, cracked my head open etc

That was the instigator for me taking up krav maga...and I never have my wallet in my hand in the street anymore. Nor will I hang onto simple posessions in future!

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First you draw up some tears, you beg him to let you live. Turn and give him some sad puppy dog eyes. By now he should be pretty aggraveted that your more scared then cooperative. This is when you tell him the wallet is on the side where he has the gun held. If your lucky he'll switch the gun to the other hand, and you have a chance to knock it out of his hand with a simple slap then you can show him yours. If your not lucky he'll use the other hand to get the wallet, so you can grab down on the gun and point it away from, and you kick him in the nuts. If all else fails....tell him you know Chuck Norris.
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Now, your not trying to mug anyone are you?
The second amendment is not about hunting deer, it's about keeping thugs from hunting your family
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It's pretty simple if you are caught cold like that, hand over the keys and you wallet. The car is insured and there isn't nothing in the wallet worth you life. If your not proceived as a threat there is little reason do something stupid. I carry all of the time but I wouldn't get into a gun fight over my car and wallet. If I thought that this was a situation that I wasn't going to survive no matter what I did I would fight but if I was just being held up I'd be happy to walk away alive. I can replace that stuff stolen. Would I like to go terminator on the thug, hell yes but I like living so if I can walk away I will. It's not like in the movies where you make a swift move and get the drop on the bad guy. Pick only the fights you know you can win and if your in a place where the result seems to be death then you fight with every option you have.

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