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potentialglock 12-17-2012 02:46 AM

recommendations for EDC
I currently carry an lc9 with one extra mag. After recent events in Colorado and Connecticut I've decided I want something with a larger magazine capacity. What's a reliable weapon with a larger magazine similar in size to an lc9

rhyno13 12-17-2012 02:51 AM

I carry a Sig P250 .45 (sub-compact) as my EDC.

BeyondTheBox 12-17-2012 03:12 AM

Sr9c done...

Squawk 12-17-2012 03:18 AM

M&P9c is my recommendation. I try to stay American made with my firearms whenever possible.

The LC9 is fine though. Most shootings only involve one or two BG. As long as your a decent shot, and have good defense ammo when carrying, you will be fine.

JonM 12-17-2012 02:52 PM

Ive always got a ruger lcp in my pocket. When i can i also carry a full size 45 or a compact 45 in addition to the ever present ruger. Sometimes its a 1911 or a xdm. I may get a 9mm for a bit more firepower considering these shooters are trending bullet proof may need more than a few after center hits arent working.

An fn 5.7 would be nice if i couldnt get the hot ap military rounds

CJohn364 12-17-2012 02:54 PM

My EDC is a Ruger SR9c. Thinking that my next one will be a Ruger LCP.

potentialglock 12-17-2012 02:57 PM

My problem is finding a good way to carry a full size m&p9

BeyondTheBox 12-17-2012 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by potentialglock (Post 1054899)
My problem is finding a good way to carry a full size m&p9

Exactly... SR9C!

danf_fl 12-17-2012 11:12 PM

The quantity of ammunition spent is in direct correlation to the quality of the shot taken.

If you can't hit the barn when shooting, then go for quantity.

potentialglock 12-17-2012 11:41 PM

I'm a good shot but my opinion is I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

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