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the racine county sheriff deputy and me

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In FL the DMV has nothing to do with CCW. Running plates or a DL won't tell anyone you are packing. Our permits are issued by the Dept of Agriculture. I wish we were a constitutional carry state, I hate paying money/privacy to exercise my right.

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I have an out of state liscense so the cops can't tell I have it and I'm not required to tell them but do anyway. I have a lead foot and get pulled over more than I should but always hand my ccw over with my dl. Its actually gotten me out of a couple tickets

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Originally Posted by Rick1967 View Post
In Colorado we are not required to inform either. But a good friend of mine is a Sheriffs Deputy. He told me that he wishes people would tell him. He finds out anyway when he runs their license. Then he just wonders why they didnt say anything. Then he feels a little uneasy. Cops have enough to be uneasy about without us making it worse. I always inform when pulled over or when they are helping me. My wife and I have both been in accidents and needed help. I sat in the front of a police car to keep warm while waiting for a tow truck. No way I am getting in a police car without telling them.
Georgia is not a "must inform" state, either. Nor is our GWCL (Georgia Weapons Carry License) in any way linked through the Department of Motor Vehicles to our car tags. Sort of a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" situation - if they don't ask, you don't have to tell. I'm inclined to make my status known in a clear, respectful way anyhow.

It's interesting the differences among the states. It certainly pays to be familiar with all the laws of the states through which ones travels may take them.
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In wisconsin we have constitutional open carry and licensed ccw. So if you dont want to ccw or dont want to "pay for a right" you can just carry owb in the open no license needed.

Our ccw/oc laws are probably the strongest of any state. There are built in protections for those that choose to ignore no gun signs or even obey them with a pathway to sue businesses that utilize them for damages caused by criminals.
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As others have said, there is no requirement to show the CCW at a traffic stop here in Florida, but as a courtesy I do. I have only been stopped a couple of times, and it was not a problem at any of them.

One guy told me he agreed with me carrying, but asked me why I did. I gave him the old, he was too heavy to carry, and that his handgun was for his protection, and I wanted to give him enough time to get there and protect himself if TSHTF.

He laughed and agreed with me. The bonus was no speeding ticket.

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