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Rick1967 04-28-2013 11:29 PM

The positive side of the ammo shortage.
Well if there is such a thing. My wife has been carrying a 22 mag J-frame in her purse for about a year now. I always wanted her to carry something bigger. But at least she was carrying. Well we have not been able to find ammo for her carry gun for a long time. She has not shot it in about 6 months. I got her to take me to the range yesterday. (I still cant drive because of my shattered big toe.) She was bummed out because she couldnt shoot her gun. I decided to make up some 110 grain loads for my 38 J-frame. I offered it to her. She shot it better than her own. And mine has the little cc grips on it. She has the big Hogue 3 finger grip on hers and a laser. I have now lost my J-Frame. But I was happy to give it to her. We looked all over town for 38 special defense ammo. No Luck. No 38 ammo of any kind! But I did find a box of 110 grain Hornady XTP bullets. I put a big hogue grip on it for her and it is now in her purse.

Next I have to get her stop carrying in her purse. But at least she is using a real gun now.

thefarmboy21 04-29-2013 01:38 PM

My wife purse carried a Taurus 85 .38 for a while, then after a few weeks of persistence and her reading a couple articles about bad situations.....I talked her into body carry BUT we had to compromise the reliability of the .38 with the concealability of her new LCP.

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