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spittinfire 06-27-2010 08:51 PM

Pocket carry LCR vs LCP
I have come to the point where I feel I need a weapon that I can simply slip into my pocket and take anywhere. I love my Kimber and my supertuck but in some situations a small pistol in the pocket would be better. I'm not a fan of the small autos so I'm already leaning towards the LCR (especially since they now have a 357) but does anyone here carry one in their pocket?
If so, how does it work for you? Is it bulky? Is the draw slow?

canebrake 06-27-2010 09:32 PM

Rusty, my summer carry of choice is my LCR.

I do have access to my daughter's LCP but in my opinion, it just doesn't have the balls of the LCP. Plus I shoot the LCR much better than the LCP.

It is a true swimsuit, toss it in the pocket gun. Very comfortable and as easy to draw as any pocket carry. I just ordered an Alabama Holster for both The LCR & LCP. This should keep the guns from rotating and improve draw.

When its 95/95% I just can't carry the Defender or the BHP.

Gojubrian 06-27-2010 09:45 PM

The LCR is a much better choice imo. Mine slips in my pocket very easily and is great for pocket carry. I use a Robert Mika pocket holster and carry some extra rounds as well.

I don't have any experience with the lcp, but I dislike the .380 round and tiny autos. :)

Inspiration photos.

ScottA 06-27-2010 10:42 PM

I can carry and draw my SP101 effectively from a pocket. I however wear cargo shorts and cargo pants with big pockets all the time. I would not recommend it with jeans or dress pants.

If I can do it with a 101, the LCR should be a piece of cake.

Uchahi 06-28-2010 12:03 AM

I like the LCR. Not much experience with the LCP though.

Thelt 06-28-2010 02:05 AM

My wife carries a LCP and I have shot it a few times. It is a pretty slick little gun and is probably going to be easier to carry than a LCR. The LCR has a little more punch though. It is a trade off.

Gatekeeper 06-28-2010 02:44 AM

I usually appendix carry my lcr. Disappears under a t-shirt, and very comfortable.
I have thrown it in the pocket of a winter jacket and it carries very nice and is quick to access.
I can carry it in the pocket of a pair of carpenter pants, but the grips are a little bulky, and while others may never notice it, I always just feel like its printing.

freefall 06-28-2010 02:51 AM

I used to really like my NAA Guardian .380 in my right hip pocket. Now I REALLY like my KelTec PF9 in my right hip pocket.

spittinfire 06-29-2010 10:54 AM

freefall, I thought about the keltec pf9 but I just can't warm up to them. The small autos really do nothing for me at all. I liked the size and the fact that it was a 9mm the the pros for me stopped there.
With the comments here, I'm going to be tracking down an LCR in 357. For the record, I wear jeans a lot and the fit. Not talking nut huggers but they aren't falling off either so I think the LCR will work. I'm going to stop by a local shop and slip one in my pocket to make sure.

NGIB 06-29-2010 11:38 AM

Jeez Spitty, get THE pocket gun - a Sig P238. Mine rides comfortably in the back pocket in a Desantis Superfly. I had a J-frame Airweight for a while but they are considerably thicker than the slim autos...

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