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JCANNON 02-13-2013 10:25 PM

Pocket .380s....
Hi guys I'm in need of some advice... I'm trying to find a reliable pocket da/sa or dao .380 pistol. I've been lookin online nonstop and I think I may have it boiled down to a couple good ones. Feel free to try and convince one way or another! The kahr p380 (cw380 just came out as a less expensive option might go that route) is at the top of my list as of now. It's dao, small, and seems of good reliable quality. Only thing is it only has a 5 year warranty. Should this be a deciding factor at all? Next on my list is the s&w bodyguard .380. I hear they had a firing pin cracking issue? Is this resolved and reliable now? this does have a lifetime warranty but I don't know if rat should count so heavily for it if its not a quality pistol. Besides after 5 years maybe a new pocket pistol is a good idea regardless? Feel free to suggest any others guys and btw, I am not interested in a pocket 9mm. Thank you in advance!

winds-of-change 02-13-2013 10:31 PM

I don't know much about the two you have it narrowed down to. I have a Sig P238 that I really like.

vincent 02-13-2013 10:34 PM

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Ruger LCP?

orangello 02-13-2013 10:35 PM

Have you looked at/handled a Bersa Thunder .380? They have 7, 9, and 15 round capacity models and one that is supposed to be optimized for concealed carry. I had one and loved it, but my sister needed a new purse pistol.

It is not as teeetiny as the Kahrs.

It is SA/DA and has a decocker and an integrated lock in case of kiddies. I really like the flat nickel finish.

hardluk1 02-13-2013 10:36 PM

kahr has a new CW380 , well it is out but you may not see one for some time. I would not over look the taurus TCP with a SS or black SS slide and 2 mags. They can be bought for 250 to 260 dollars. A far better trigger than other micro 380s and seems to shoot any ammo. You would want a C model. Its in the serial number.

I carry kahrs and like the larger calibers very much in 9mm and 40 but our 380's are a couple tcp. Both are very reliable. Great under 5lb trigger and a slide hold open. My wife and youngest daught cc them as part of there pistols.

JonM 02-13-2013 10:38 PM

lcp is a great choice and is a true pocket pistol. i carry one all the time even have mine in my pocket holster in my pocket as im typing this.

JCANNON 02-13-2013 11:42 PM

can you get two fingers on the lcp?

JonM 02-14-2013 12:00 AM

yes easily. the grip is very thin but thats a good thing for ccw in the pocket

John_Deer 02-14-2013 12:09 AM

I would have to give the nod to the LCP. I have a Kel Tec. Yes, mine runs flawlessly after 5 months of shipping the P-3AT back and forth to Florida. Needless to say I can not recommend a Kel Tec. Yes, I have the P-3AT in my pocket right now.

GonzoGeezer 02-14-2013 12:16 AM

I have owned a BG380 for two years and have had no complaints. I haven't run thousands of rounds, but then none of this class of guns are range guns. It conceals well in pocket or belt holsters. I do not bother with the laser. I also have a PPK and PPK/S in .380 but they are larger and heavier and require a belt holster.


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