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The one time you're not armed...

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Originally Posted by c3shooter View Post
Don't screw with us old guys that use a walking stick. Some of us know how to use it.

fair enough. A stout stick and a reasonable knowledge of how to wield it is generally good.
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Originally Posted by Wolf1066 View Post
Here, situational awareness and improvisation are the only weapons we are allowed (grudgingly, I suspect - if the govt could find some way to make even more people into unimaginative, oblivious idiots they would... as evidenced by what they're doing to our education system).

We cannot carry any weapon for personal defence, not even a knife or baton. The law does allow us to use "reasonable force" to protect ourselves and people have successfully defended themselves against murder/attempted murder charges by reason of self-defence, even when firearms have been involved, but it gets very messy and nasty really fast.

Our firearm storage and carriage rules make it very rare that a person would legitimately have a firearm in a state of readiness at the time of the encounter - which usually leads to knotty questions about how you came to be able to use a firearm at all, given that it should have been completely disabled unless you were in the woods or at a range...

People have also been jailed for defending themselves - it depends on your lawyer and the jury.

The crims don't care about the law, of course, and happily carry stolen/smuggled firearms, knives and other weapons and violent crime has been steadily on the rise, as have violent turns to traditionally non-violent crimes such as burglary (when the burglar is surprised in the act).

When I go out at night, I have to be extremely mindful of my surroundings and the situation as my options are very limited.

I've been in some bloody knotty situations where I've been at real risk of anything from a severe beating to potential loss of life or permanent maiming. I've gotten out of thosu situations on wits alone - and wondered later what the hell I would have done if I hadn't noticed the situation when I did.

I also wonder what would happen if some intruder entered the house while my kids and I are sleeping - and what if the intruder is armed?

My rifles and shotguns are - as per the law - locked away, the bolts and ammo are locked away separately. I do not yet have a pistol licence (time and money do not permit) and if I did, the pistol would be even more securely locked away.

It may be a good exercise for some of you - if you don't already do it, that is - to imagine that, for whatever reason, your firearms are inaccessible in the middle of the night when some SOB armed with a knife, stick or firearm enters your house.

What are your contingency plans, what steps do you take to protect life and limb, what do you have lying around that can be pressed into service as an improvised weapon?

Pretty much exactly as the laws are here too.

Which is why awareness, avoidance & deterrance (if the situation looks a bit dodgy/see some possibly suspect people up the street then cross it well before/look behind and around you at all times etc) are especially important in countries were you cannot go armed.

Really the reason I got into krav maga, after I got mugged in my own street about 3 years ago after living here for 10 years (and considering where I live is a bit sketchy, I'm kinda surprised it took so long )
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I have left my home several times without my pistol and I felt vernable <misspelled) without it.
I did'nt read all the posts about what other's said and I hope I'm normal because of what I'm about to say and that is I'm ready to draw it anytime.

I never stop feeling my pistol against my body, I'm suspect of my suroundings where ever I'm at.

Now don't take me wrong I'm not paranold I'm just ready to defend myself if I have to...A.H
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Always carry.
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I carry all the time because I never know what will happen... Example...Stray Dog Attack, Robbery etc... I am VERY cautious and aware of my surroundings.. Unfortunately, sometimes you may not have the chance to draw your weapon and defend yourself...I try to avoid all shady situations as much as possible and I hope none of you ever HAVE to use your weapon in self-defense, But if you do, be prepared
God Bless and happy new year
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