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Glockpotion23 10-06-2011 10:20 PM

Ohio CCW wait time
I received the call today to pick my permit up. They said anywhere between 10 days to 3 weeks would be the wait time. I turned in my app on the 27th of last month and picked up today. I thought it would take a little longer but it didnt:D.

wharvey 10-07-2011 01:04 AM

Not bad. I sent all my stuff to Texas in the 1st week of Aug & got mine Aug 31, which is fast for Texas. I mailed the change of address form for my Indiana license and it took almost 2 months.

BigByrd47119 10-07-2011 01:47 AM

Franklin Co. boasts a sub-24 hour turn around time. Usually something like 20-23 hours.

shnorse 10-07-2011 02:12 AM

NY has a 6 month waiting period.... ridiculous...

nccinstaller 10-07-2011 03:06 AM

Mine took about 7 days in erie county, and a six month wait is retarded sounds like they justvwanna make it a hassle so people wont do it

Rarity 10-07-2011 06:39 AM


Originally Posted by shnorse
NY has a 6 month waiting period.... ridiculous...

and on top of the 6th month wait, they deny you too. In some states, it can very well depend on the county.

For instance, Lancaster, PA has a tendency of issuing "License To Carry Firearms" licenses between 15-30 minutes.

Some sheriff offices like, York, or Montgomery can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. I may be slightly incorrect on the weeks, but it sure isn't the same day.

This very well happens in many other states. Fees also may vary per county too! Some sheriffs play the game differently. May I also add, usually; if there is high population in your county.. Chances of you waiting is long enough.


RecklessRegard 10-07-2011 12:58 PM

I have a few friends/family that got their CCW in our (Cincinnati) area a few years ago. One took 3 weeks, and the others were right on par with about 7 days. Congrats.

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