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Notifying law enforcement of concealed weapon

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Whenever I am stopped I have my CCP and DL ready for the officer when they get to the car. I feel that it is the respectful thing to due. All of the recent stops have been for silly things like equipment violations and such and not once did I get a ticket.
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Officer I have cpl license and have a loaded pistol at my side. Does the trick. just tell the officer in a calm manner and like the person earlier said " keep your hands where the officer can see them." You don't want to be in that spot where the officer knows that you have a cpl and did not inform him when he or she approached you.
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I was stopped the other day while driving a loaner because mine is in the shop.

I simply gave the officer my CHL and DL. He came back in about a minute,was very nice, and I was on my way. He didn't ask if I had it with me or anything.
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I am not in law enforcement. But some of my friends are. I do have a permit and carry all the time. I have been pulled over once. It was an officer that I have met before but was not a friend. I handed him my driver's license and my permit at the same time. I said, "I don't want to surprise you. I have a gun on my hip." He was very nice about it. Her didn't even check on me. We sat there for a couple of minutes talking about the crappy drivers. He politely asked me to slow down. I thanked him. He let me leave without any incident at all. In Colorado we are not required to tell officers unless they ask. I don't think it is too smart to take a change on surpising a cop. Many of my LEO friends get pissed if they find out someone is carrying and didn't tell them. In Colorado when they run your license it tells them that you have a permit. That is why they get pissed. Because it happens to them a lot.

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Default Not always in a vehicle

Some good points, but a few more to ponder:

Not all contacts with law enforcement are related to vehicle stops, other encounters do occur. Consider what you will say (do) if you are contacted by law enforcement (officially) away from your vehicle and in public.

I fear some who have posted are over confident that because they are carrying concealed their weapon is invisible. Some officers are extremely aware of their surroundings and pick up on the smallest detail. Some are highly trained in detecting concealed weapons (a bulge is not the only clue). The officer might not know you are carrying, but the good ones may suspect and act accordingly. Good cops also know that bad guys do not turn into good guys at age 55, there are still a few senior citizen bad guys roaming the streets. My opinion is honesty is the best policy.

I carry and I also look like a pretty rough character. When contacted by law enforcement, I try to act in the least threatening manner. When being pulled over (it happens), I always have the internal lights on, all windows down, information ready and my hands on the wheel before they approach the vehicle. When they request my information, I give them everything. Instead of telling them I am carrying anything in particular, I tell them that I am permitted to carry and am armed. If contacted away from my vehicle, I keep my hands where they can see them at all times. If the contact is official, I let them know at the first possible opportunity that I am permitted to carry and am armed. I do not reach for anything unless instructed to do so.

Finally, attitude is everything. Officers are human and react to others just like anyone else. I am always polite and usually apologetic for what actions on my part drew their attention.
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Default Notifying law enforcement of concealed weapon

We are not required to notify law enforcement of our weapon.
But how ever when I get stopped I place my permit with my license.
And inform the officer of the location of my weapon.I also have my hands in plain view.
A armed man is a citizen. A unarmed man is a subject.
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I am a resident of New York State and am not required to inform a LEO if I am carrying. Several years ago, I was driving into Buffalo, NY for the day and had a loaded Bersa .380 under my front seat. The NYS Police were conducting a roadblock checking on registrations, inspection stickers, tires, etc. and I was in a lengthy line of cars that were waiting for their turn to be given the quick visual by one of the officers. Eventually, I drove up to a very young (now everyone looks young) lady Trooper who did what she was supposed to and then I had to wait as the car in front of me had some problem that was taking some time. We were just having small talk and she "casually" asked if I had any firearms in my truck and I then told her of my pistol and that I had a valid NYS pistol permit. She immediately became very alert and asked where the gun was while reminding me to keep my hands on the sterring wheel. She opened my door and removed the pistol and then asked to see my permit. After comparing the serial number on the gun to the number on the permit, she began to relax. She returned both gun and permit to me, told me to drive safely and sent me on my way.

On another occasion, I was deer hunting using a T/C Encore handgun in 7mm-08 caliber. Open carry is not allowed in NYS however I was carrying my weapon in a sling outside of my coat. As I was returning to my truck, I encountered a NYS Trooper that was talking with a couple of hunters parked near my truck. The LEO reminded me that I was not allowed to carry this handgun unless it was concealed. I told him that I was hunting, although it quite apparent, and it was not practical to carry a gun with a 15 inch barrel and a scope under your coat and hunt and that all handgun hunters that I have ever seen, all had their guns in an open carry position. After thinking about this for a few seconds, he said it would be OK once he checked my pistol permit. He then dismissed me and I went home. Thought it was very strange that he said what he said but I was not about to get into an argument with him unless he wanted to ticket me for some reason.

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Originally Posted by deth502 View Post
Notice in the video, the officer backs up my advice, do not use the word "gun." It can lead to bad things.
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Here in KY the general consensus seems to be don't ask, don't tell. All of my LO friends tell me pretty much the same thing. Their training tells them that every time you approach a vehicle you have to consider the fact that it may contain bad guys and they may be armed. Just because you donít have a permit does not mean you do not have a weapon. Several have said they feel better if the data comes back showing you do have a permit for two reasons. 1) They are pretty sure you DO have a weapon and they are no longer wandering and 2) If you do have a permit, the odds are that you are not threat and they could care less whether you have a weapon in the vehicle. None of them have had the first gun related incident with a legal permit holder. Also, I have seen several post suggesting that they know if you have a permit when they pull you over. Every man to a T has told me they have no idea until they run your actual drivers licenses. Running you plates only tells them who the vehicle is registered too. They have no idea who is driving it. Here in KY. The info is tied to your Drivers licenses and they do know if you have a permit when they run your licenses.
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