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matt g 12-01-2007 03:56 PM

Notifying law enforcement of concealed weapon
How do you notify a peace officer that you're carrying? I've read several articles on this and had many discussions with people on both sides of the badge. I'd be interested to hear your take on it.

Bidah 12-01-2007 07:19 PM

Well Matt, some states require it, and some states tie it to your drivers license. A lot of states do not. I do not know if it has changed, but when we lived in CT, you were NOT to notify them that you were carrying. All the ones that I talked to agreed with this. If you were on the up and up, they did not care. For them to know meant more paperwork and more time. I suppose, from what I have seen posted elsewhere, that also depended on where you lived in the state.

Here in MT, we don't. A lot of them assume you are when you are not in town, as a lot of us really are. :) On the occasions when my wife has been pulled over, no problem, although one wigged out a little bit. I am the driver that my wife hates. I drive below the speed limit, stop at signs, etc... Hence her experience and not mine.. :)


ScottG 12-01-2007 09:26 PM

In Nevada you'd better, because they run you first before they approach and they already know if you have a concealed carry license. If you don't show your card and indicate you have one they don't seem to like it. I believe you're required by law to indicate it anyway. No personal experience though....

pioneer461 12-02-2007 04:02 AM

Start by keeping both hands on the steering wheel, in plain sight. Be polite, and inform the officer that you have a carry permit, and that you are armed. From that point, the officer will tell you what he wants you to do.

In most cases when I was in uniform ( last in uniform in 1994 ) the traffic stop would evolve into a discussion about guns, ammo, etc. The only exception I can think of right off hand, was a guy who was carrying while DWI. Since he was going to jail, his pistol was booked as "prisoner's property," which he got back a day or so later.

RONSERESURPLUS 12-03-2007 03:07 PM

Notifying Local law Enforcement of CCW?
Hello all


YUP, been there, done that and I've always caried a CCW with a Copy of that permit in my wallet, as well as in my Glove box! If stopped, I do as the last fellow said in the thread, If they don't seem to know, I keep Calm, hand in plain site and tell them! Only if they ask to see the CCW do I move or reach for anything! And even then, VERY SLOWLY! I had one officer ask to see it, I lifted my Jacket, He said, NO, I want to see the GUN! I asked why, I slowly removed it from the Holster and handed it to him! He checked my Licence, gave me a small ticket and my weapon back and told me to drive safely! It really depends on how and where you run into this!

ravenslay3r 12-07-2007 05:18 AM

Just had this convo with an older-lookin officer in GA. He said the state allowed you to keep the gun in the g-box, trunk or in plain-view on the seat.

He said he always leaves his on the seat, but then contradicted this recommendation, pointing out you'll be out of the car and on the ground just because...

He eventually decided he'd rather it be in the box/trunk where he doesn't know about it.

Also made a POINT of saying you have to tell the officer if he asks, but not to volunteer if he doesn't. I was a little confused by this, but whatever..

cnorman18 12-08-2007 03:29 PM

In Texas, you are required by law to present your CHL along with your DL whenever you are asked for ID by a peace officer. Failing to do so will get your CHL suspended or revoked.

Quasi 12-14-2007 05:59 PM

Do you think having a CHL makes you more likely to get pulled over in states (like Ohio) where your DMV record is flagged with it? I just completed my concealed carry class this week, but haven't applied for the license yet--it seems like there are a lot of restrictions/hassles, at least here in Ohio.

Big Gay Al 12-15-2007 02:16 PM

In Michigan, we have to tell the officer at the earliest opportunity. Generally, if I get pulled over, I have my DL, CPL, registration(for the car) and proof of insurance handy. As I hand this over, I inform the officer that I have a permit, and that I have a pistol on me. (I NEVER say gun).

So far, this has resulted in my NEVER getting a ticket for whatever caused the officer to pull me over. So far. ;) (Knock on wood)

Tex in Maine 12-16-2007 05:59 AM

if I happened to get pulled over while carrying i would had over my DL with my CCW permit on top. If I'm not carrying I dont even mention it, no need cause anxiety if it is not neccissary.

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