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LarryVilleJayhawker 09-07-2012 06:27 PM

New user, first post, CCH pending!!
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Hey all! Long time reader, new user, first post, and about 12 days in to my approximately 45 day waiting period for my license! Just trying to get some ideas flowing here as to what my new setup is going to be once my application is accepted. I own a Springfield XDm .45acp 4.5" that I keep around for home defense and just wanna say that I LOVE THIS GUN. Beautiful bi-tone piece and just feels great in the hands. Now as far as concealing this beast I know it can be done especially in winter months but it will be pretty heavy. I have a tlr-4 laser/light combo attached to the rail which I think would make it even more difficult to carry. Furthermore, I don't know exactly how comfortable I would feel carrying without an actual safety switch which the XD line doesn't have (not to say they are less safe to carry because the grip and trigger safety are one of the things I love about this gun). Suffice it to say I don't believe I'll be using my XDm as an EDC but I wouldn't rule out carrying it sometime in the future. For now I think I'm interested in a S&W J frame with concealed hammer probably a .38sp as a backup carry in winter (ankle rig perhaps?!) but as for an EDC I'm thinking of a hammer-less semi-auto .45 with an actual safety. Thinking of carrying IWB with that. Lastly, any suggestions on a 9mm primarily for target practice (lot cheaper than shooting the 45!)? Will most likely end up getting an XDm 3.8 compact (not XDs as these are single stack) unless you all mention somethin else that catches my eye.



P.s. here's my baby!

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mountainman13 09-07-2012 06:47 PM

Welcome to FTF. All good options. I'd forget the ankle rig though.

silverado113 09-07-2012 07:02 PM

Welcome to the forum, personally I'm not a big fan of the ankle rig unless it's a backup option. Going to the ankle for your primary option in a self defense situation would be weird for me but YMMV. I carry a Kel-tec in an ankle rig as a backup option to my winter EDC. Definitely check out the M&P compact line as they do have the thumb safety option you are looking for.

mountainman13 09-08-2012 11:25 PM


Originally Posted by Ram Rod

Yeah that's why we have 1337 threads on the subject. :rolleyes:

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