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thefarmboy21 09-09-2012 05:01 AM

New pocket gun....TCP or PF-9???
I'm in the market for a new pocket gun. I normally carry a Taurus 85 .38 special, but it's a little bulky in the warmer months.

Now I know it may seem like we are comparing apples and oranges, but here's the situation: my good friend has a "Like new" Taurus TCP .380 with the stainless slide that I can get for $225 (but I'm thinking $200) and I really like the .380's conceal ability and all the various CCW holster options. BUT another good friend has a new Kel Tec PF-9 that he bought out the door for $278 and loves it. I'd rather have a 9mm and they're cheaper to play with etc, but they just aren't as quite as compact as the little .380's. I just really like the thought of a wallet holster and/or cell phone style holster. I even considered one of the "pocket shot" holsters.

They key factor here is that my budget is less than $300. I want something very easily concealed in any attire BUT also fun to shoot that won't break the bank anytime I go out shooting. You can recommend any other guns you would like. I'd really like to know the pros and cons of both guns BUT I'm pretty instant on staying less than $300. Thanks!

boddah4 09-09-2012 04:39 PM

If I were you I would go with the PF9. It is new, so you get the full lifetime warranty, it shoots cheaper ammo, and the 9mm has more stopping power.

fmj 09-09-2012 04:57 PM

PF-9 Hands down!!!

PF-9 100% made and manufactured made in america and is a great little mouse gun.

Taurus is brazilian and are junk JUNK JUNK!!!!! I had a PT-145 and the damn thing spent more time at the factory than on my side or in my safe. EVERY time i took it to the range it BROKE in less than 10 rounds fired.

gollygee 09-09-2012 05:17 PM

I assume you've shot both of them? I don't know anything about the LCP, but I and a lot of PF9 owners will tell you it is not a fun range gun. I realize you are not getting it for a range pistol, but if you don't like shooting it you won't practice with it as you should.

If you have shot the Keltec & don't have a problem with it, naturally the larger caliber & cheaper ammo is better. Otherwise, with the right ammo, you don't give up a whole lot going to the .380. It may not quite reach FBI requirements for penetration, but it's good enough to reach vitals & expansion is so close to 9mm that you'd need calipers to see the difference. I repeat, with the correct ammo.

hardluk1 09-09-2012 06:06 PM

farm boy Your getting almost some good advise. Like you I carried a taurus 85 but the SS model . CC'd that 85 for 20 years. Still have it and NO sw has a better trigger pull than any custom shop s&w found today. But with the junk there turning out that may not say to much. HA

I did retire the 85 for a pf-9 for pocket duty that I pocket carried for 2 1/2 years. Others are right in that its not a enjoyable pistol to shoot but it is a good defence pistol. If you get it ,add a few stacked and veried widths of inner tube to the grip for increaded thickness, grip and control. It will need something atleast whille running a few hundred rounds thru it. I used Georgia arms 124gr GD new ammo in it . When I sold it had 2000+ rounds with not a single issue. Do read up at KTOG on the fluff and buff and use a diamond stone to knock off any sharp edges and corners. Detail the mags also. Going price is 250 bucks + tax here so your budies price sounds good. I sold the KT after getting a heck of a deal on a kahr and then buying the smaller cm9 for pocket duty. Only then did I sell the KT

I bought a 380TCP month a go for when something smaller is a needed. I like it too. Not picky about ammo ,the 2oz extra weight over a KT and ruger version is nice . Recoil is about like a 38 sp 125gr non +P defence load. It can get a little lost in a pocket but in a good pocket holster is fine. For a small 380 its a great choice. I still only have about 200 rounds thru mine but so far so good.

If your tuarus 85 is a 21oz version then ether will be a major change.

aworldexport 09-09-2012 09:24 PM

I like my Pf9 conceals great. Folks are right it is not a range plinking gun. I shoot 100-150 rounds then im done for the is snappy to shoot but its a compact gun so that is to be expected with the 3inch barrel.Its super thin and light and fits great in my hand.For me it works out well. I am going to buy a LC9 for Christmas $385 and comes with a lazer.It has the same qualities i like with the Pf9.

Take my advice with a grain of salt i like shooting any gun.If it goes bang i like it. It boils down to reliability and how well you shoot with it. Try both guns out and choose which one feels the best.

enit2winit 09-10-2012 03:29 AM

The TCP is MADE IN THE USA! I've had mine a while now with many rounds. No problems and accurate for me. New ones come in two different packages, with the cheapest under $200. Highly recommended.

ScottA 09-10-2012 03:55 AM

No pocket pistol will be a comfortable range gun.

If you can handle the 9 in that small package, then I'd probably go with the 9.

Colby 09-10-2012 04:14 AM

I bought a TCP this past year. Shot it. Lots of recoil. It would fail to feed - jamming. It stove-piped - jamming. It ejected back into my head area. It jammed many times. That requires a quick and skilled clearing action. Not good for a self protection gun - in my opinion.

Went on-line. Found that TCP's have lots of troubles. Biggest is inconsistently and poorly formed feed ramps. Photos on-line showed what the problem was. I decided not to become a gunsmith with a brand new gun - to smooth down and reform the feed ramp so that it would behave properly.

I sold the gun and bought a Ruger LCP. Big improvement. Has never failed - never jammed. Ejects to the side - as a semi-auto should. And it kicks less! It still kicks a bunch - but there is something about the geometry of the TCP - axis of the barrel with respect to your grip pivot point - which accentuates the recoil.
This is not just me - two friends shot both - one friend refused to shoot the TCP after two shots - the other was very reluctant to shoot. Both were females. Both thought the Ruger was better - recoil - more tolerable.

This is a small lightweight gun - it is going to kick. It is because it is small and light. But the small is what makes it so concealable (I have CCW). I carry it everywhere - backpocket holster. I have other CC guns - small - Ruger LC9, Smith 438 Airweight 38, Ruger LCR 38. But the LCP is the one that seems to always be with me - the others - bulkier.

If I have a carry gun - I want it to function - without fail the first time and the second shot and the third shot. the TCP didn't do that for me - and many other people on-line.
Taurus should clean up their act. They are wrecking their reputation - in my opinion. I won't buy another gun from them - or any other company that continues producing poorly functioning guns - especially when there is so much evidence out on that poor function.

I have posted this story on a couple of other threads here. The difference betwen the TCP and LCP was remarkable.
That's my experience with that particular TCP.

My LCP - I shot today. I've shot hundreds of rounds through it - no malfunction.

Side note. One of the female friends subsequently bought herself an LCP - her first auto. It is what she carries also. She has given up on her Smith J-frame for carry - for the LCP.

JeeperSC 09-10-2012 05:14 AM

I have a smith & wesson bodyguard .380 and love it. I paid around 300 for mine with a box of ammo. I shopped around local gun stores and found them between $275 and $350.
The .380 pocket pistols aren't going to have the power as larger caliber 9mm or 40, but they are great 'get the f*** off me guns'.

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