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MrWray 09-24-2011 04:37 PM

I go to work this morning like i always do, i pump wells right now for a self employed guy tht owns a bunch of oil leases. I check my wells and start my way back home. I get about 4 miles from my house and im met by this late model ford pickup white in color as we both drive across the narrow bridge. I notice that the truck turns around and races up behind me flashing his headlights. At this time im thinking, crap im dragging something under my car or something is wrong with my car. So i pull over on the shoulder and wait for the guy to walk up to me. I see the guy in my rear view mirror exit his vehicle and i can tell by the way he is walking toward me tht something else is wrong. The guy is about 6' tall and looks about 200lbs and looks pissed off about something. He makes to my car window and i say "how is it........." but before i can say "going" he starts in," you stupid SOB you almost ran me into the guardrail and made me f****** wreck!" i said sir the bridge is obviously narrow and there isnt much room for two vehicles but i didnt almost run you into the guardrail, we had plenty of room. Then he says " whatever mother f***** you almost made me wreck" i started smiling just because this whole thing was rediculous, well i guess tht pisses him off even more. He says "you think its f****** funny and he tries to open my car door.. At this time i open my door for him and i step out and try to calm him down. I tried to tell him that i didnt do anything to him and he needs to calm down and let it go. I then see him take a half step back with his right foot and bow up so now im thinking "here we go". I tell the guy again that if i did anything i apologize to him. He says "f*** that" and i see his arms come up. He tries to push me but as soon as his right arm makes contact on my chest i grab his hand and put him in an arm bar and tweak his arm as hard as i freaking can,but i didnt slam him. Instead i escort him back to his pickup with him hunched over and yelping like a hyena and still cussing. I shove him towards his drivers door and tell him that i have better things to do than ruin his day. He then tells me that i broke his f****** arm and im going to jail, that he is calling the cops.. I told him to call them and i went back to my car and set down and waited. He getsin his pickup and 20 minutes later the sheriff office shows up. Two deputies arrive " one of the deputies i trained because i worked for this sheriff office" one deputy chuckles and said "whats up ,what did you do this time?" i tell him that im flashed and pulled over by this guy accusing me of almost making him wreck and when i tried to calm him down he tried to put his hands on me. He then says " you normally make them eat pavement, your getting weak" i couldnt help but laugh but i just told him that im just trying to get home and wasnt looking for BS. The other deputy goes and talks to the other guy and the guy says that he wants to press charges on me for assault.. The deputy that i was talking to told the guy to be glad that they arent gonna charge him with road rage and assault and to be glad that this guy "me" only did what he did cause it could have been worse. The guy still proclaimed that it was f****** BS, he then got into his pickup pulled out and went on his way.both deputies laughed,shook my hand and i told them i was sorry to have wasted their time. My buddy just said "aaah, just another hot head getting put in his place" they left and i came home. I told my wife about the incident and she just shook her head.

canebrake 09-24-2011 04:54 PM

When intellect is used over emotion, you always win.

Good job MrWray! Sorry about your delay but you did the right thing. :cool:

CA357 09-24-2011 04:59 PM

Well done.

MrWray 09-24-2011 05:09 PM

I guess i could have tried to avoid the situation all together by just driving off but the DB could have followed me to my house since i was already close. Then it could have gotten alot worse

griffin81 09-24-2011 07:24 PM

Glad u handled that in such a calm manner. You could of made his day a lot worse he's a lucky guy. This happened to a friend of mine a few years back but it was his neighbor who opened his truck door and my friend pulled it back shut and locked it and the guy tried to pull him out the window needless to say he took a 40 cal round to the gut but lived and they are not on speaking terms anymore. My friend is in his 60s and the other guy was in his late 30s sadly his son saw him get shot my buddy still has trouble with how it went down but he has his ccw permit and was not charged.

let the bullets do the talking!

trip286 09-24-2011 07:38 PM

I had a similar situation a few years ago. Guy turned around flashed his lights till I pulled over. I didn't even put the car in park, and wasn't planning on sticking around. When my guy got to the window he didn't say a word but just reached in and grabbed me. I stomped my foot on the gas completely by accident (I panicked) and drug him about 10-15 feet before he fell off. I never touched him, he was holding me by the sleeve of my coat.

I said screw it... kept on driving.

MrWray 09-24-2011 08:16 PM

Thanks guys i think tht i did the right thing to, i mean i could of went ahead and knocked the guys head and ass together and ruined his next FEW days, but i was in a good mood and just wanted to get to the house because my wife and I had plans. I think that the guy realized that he had made a mistake after it was to late and thts y he didnt make a second advance at me. I know that he is gonna have a gimpy arm for a few days cause i tweaked that sucker until i heard and felt popping. He was holding his right arm the whole time that the deputies were there like he was the victim.LOL, its funny now but this morning i was pretty worked up...

neilage66 09-24-2011 09:21 PM

Some people's kids I tells ya. :p

It's obvious your formal training came in handy during this one.

Good work.

Sooner or later, that fella is gonna run across someone who is not so cool headed and things may end much differently.

MrWray 09-24-2011 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by neilage66
Some people's kids I tells ya. :p

It's obvious your formal training came in handy during this one.

Good work.

Sooner or later, that fella is gonna run across someone who is not so cool headed and things may end much differently.

Thank you sir, this guy acted like he is used to submitting people by intimidation, he doesnt have anything to brag about to his dirt bag buddies this time

ArizonaLawman 09-25-2011 01:34 AM


Originally Posted by MrWray (Post 586054)
Thank you sir, this guy acted like he is used to submitting people by intimidation, he doesnt have anything to brag about to his dirt bag buddies this time

Around here we call that "wolfing". Typical tactic used by thug wannabes. It works until you show them the grizzly bear.

You did fine, though I would have been the first one to call 911. The first caller is usually seen as the victim...but being in a jurisdiction where you are were golden anyway. But if you're NOT in home

I still don't understand the mindset of the numbnuts who starts a ruckus, then claims to be the victim when he gets his butt handed back to him. I used to see that all the freakin' time. I loved the look on their faces when the instigator wound up catching charges.

I had to teach a rookie "coppin' skills" one night at a Circle K.

A knucklehead came into the store (drunk) giving the clerk, who he knew a load of personal crap about supposed hitting on his wife.

A cab driver of my aquaintance was at the store eating a meal behind the counter (we used to call this store his office). The cabbie was a good guy, army vet, going to college and working full time.

Anyway...the clerk goes outside the store to talk to the drunk's wife, leaving the cab driver in the store with the angry drunk.

The cabbie gets up to leave, and the drunk bars his way and won't let him pass. The cabbie asks several times to get by, and the drunk subject starts making verbal threats.

The cab driver tried one more time to go around the drunk, and the drunk barred his exit again.

The cab driver then put his hands on the drunks shoulders and "re-directed" him out of his way and left.

The cabbie got into his cab, and drove to a parking lot next door and called 911.

I responded on the heels of a fresh-off-probation rookie who was going to charge the cabbie with assault.

I took the rook aside, and we watched the security tape, and he saw exactly what the cabbie told him had happened.

I explained that by barring the cabbie's exit, he was now illegally imprisoning the cabbie as well as restricting his right to travel, and a case COULD be made for kidnapping (would NEVER stick, but it's a good filler charge).

The cabbie had every right to take physical action to facilitate his exit from a potentially dangerous situation involving an aggressive drunk who had already made verbal threats, and was capable of carrying out the threats (proximity and ability).

Then the wife of the drunk claimed the cabbie had "grabbed his f-ing gun and threatened to shoot us". WRONG. The security tape showed the driver had never placed his hand anywhere near his gun, and went straight from the door of the store to his cab and drove to the adjacent parking lot to call 911.

I gave the cab driver my card and cell number and told him to have his dispatcher or boss call me if the knuckleheads tried to make trouble for him with his job.

By the way...this was 1999. The cab driver is now an emergency room doctor.

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