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Lets try a novel approach

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Originally Posted by charlesmar View Post
Poor choice of words, I agree. Is what it is, read into it what you will. The spirit of what was meant in my words is that rather than the authorities thinking average citizens are not trained, they overlook how many we'll trained vets there are, that are better trained than LE in weapons, that are numerous.

While I do respect your opinion, and anticipated some degree of heat for saying that, I have talked to more than a few vets who would do it, if it meant shutting up the gun snatchers, and protecting the children, while getting some increased monetary benifits.

What I meant be "required" is that I think the mindset should be the opposite. Rather than restricting your rights, they should be willing and ready to increase all rights to ensure good citizens have a means to protect themselves and others, and I think vets should have special consideration to be allowed to carry whatever they want wherever they want, they already went through extensive training.

I'm a bit radical in my choice of words, but I think rather than look at further restrictions, they should look at radical changes in allowing defense from thugs,

I apologize for my choice of words, hopefully you understand what I meant, a lot is lost in translation when typing, rather than speaking.

I am 100 percent for our troops and vets.
Your apology is gratefully accepted. If it the word had been 'allowed' instead of 'required' I wouldn't have had any problem at all with your suggestion. I'm just fed up with the government requiring me to do anything more than what they already require.

I love this country, but there are times some of the people in it disgust me. The ones on the top of my list this week are the ones that think banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines will solve the problem. Given the response time and set up time of law enforcement, and assuming I would ever be sick enough to want to, I could have easily done the same thing with a couple 5 shot revolvers.

In my opinion there are three things that will help solve society's problems in general, and the school problem in particular.

1. Secure the schools.
2. Take the revolving doors off our prisons
3. More LEO's on the streets

Amazingly enough we are having a very vocal debate around here about whether we can afford to put school resource officers in our elementary schools. Afford? What is our future worth? Where does protecting our legacy stop being cost effective?

Back to your original statement. Yes, I do carry by choice, and yes, I would gladly take my granddaughter to school. I would be happy to share the job of sitting in her class to protect her. As many people as they rotated through the military back in the days of the draft, I'm sure there must be other qualified vets with grand-kids in that school.

This is not the answer. To protect those kids you have to keep the bad guys off the property. There must be physical and human barriers to keep the bad guys out. You would almost have to build them like prisons.

I challenge the lawmakers of this country and I hope you will all join me in this. In future school construction projects forget about how attractive the school and grounds are. Make security the primary requirement in any bid specification.
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In Israel parents and grandparents voluntarily patrol schools. Armed citizens also stop or at least minimize terrorist attacks on a regular basis as well.
“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”Samuel Adams
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Please don't limit this to only military but let's include civilians (honorably discharged from USN) that are qualified to handle firearms and are willing to undergo specific defensive hand gun training and are willing and able to protect those who can't or won't protect themselves It's interesting that this forum us coming up with what appear to be real life workable solutions while the gun haters bring up ineffective solution
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I have no problem with tax dollars or volunteers being used to secure schools. It's ridiculous that you have to go through a metal detector and be inspected by a deputy to get into traffic court but any yahoo can walk into a school.

Malls and other public places should be secured by the owners or a fund created by the stores. Most of the time when a high density shopping area opens they get tax breaks, roads are rebuilt to handle the traffic flow. Undercover officers roam the stores to secure their inventory. The least they can do is provide a layer of security for the general public.
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