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I got it!

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Originally Posted by canebrake View Post
+1000 and welcome to the club.
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I am still debating getting one.
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NIce! Let me hear how that Kel-tec holds up, I was thinking about gettin one for the size over and LCP or P238
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Originally Posted by NGIB View Post
Quoted for truth! Also read the link that Senor Canebrake posted...
Hey, I ran away from a guy that I had just beaten the crap out of recently because he said that he was going to get his gun out of his backpack. I could have let a regular ass-kicking turn into a justified shooting, but there was no need for it. I broke it off, drew, retreated to an ambush site, and listened to the crackhead yell and cry. I don't know if he really had a gun, but I was in such a position that it didn't even matter because I had the time and the opportunity to decide what happened next. At no point did he know that I was carrying, because things never got to the threshold where he would get to see a muzle flash, which should be the first sign to a BG that you're toting.
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Originally Posted by Uchahi View Post
I got my concealed carry permit in the mail yesterday (Thursday 24) and today (25) purchased a kel-tec pf-9 today. I am very happy with speed that I received it back and very happy with my weapon. I am planning after work tomorrow to go to the range and shoot some holes in paper.
I think is a great choice, there is no other gun easier to carry than this one, I had to smooth off with fine sandpaper three parts of the gun.
First, the rear of the grip where the upper part of the hand falls.
Second, see where the pinky rests? that part is sharp so it has to be sanded a little.
Third, the trigger feels more like a revolver, is part of the safety this pistol is designed with, anyways, when you place your index on the trigger you'll feel the sharp end of it and also the almost 45 degree angle of the tip.
If you don't understand what I am talking about, get your Pf9,finish a 50 round box of your favorite 9mm with discipline and then look at your hand and the red spots, where it hurts.

I am not bashing it at all, I love mine and all my friend prefer it over the whole bunch of stuff we bring to the range, is big enough to hold and holds enough power to work. And i forgot, it is .88" thin
I got it! - Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
Here with night sights, from
I got it! - Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
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And now's the time that "concealed carry" becomes "discrete carry" and you don't tell people you are carrying. I'm glad there is another one in our society. Each one of us makes makes our neighborhoods safer by the mere fact that BG's don't know who is carrying and who isn't.

Unless you're a BG in California or D.C. or Chicago. Then you know you have free rein as the only one packing heat. Hopefully everybody soon will have the same right you are exercising right now!
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Welcome to the club! Be sure to give us a range report for that PF9.
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I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words. And I feel much safer now than in the past. I carry everyday even if it is just in the car to work and back. I am not comfortable keeping a round in the chamber, but I think that it will all be fine. I am Very Strongly considering carrying my 1911, and am in search of a hostler that I like.

Update thing:

1.)The original mag will only hold 6 rounds. (I bought a send one before I even knew this.)

2.)The gun is light, smooth, and I like it.

3.)The trigger pull sucks more D*ck than Paris Hilton. I am getting use to it though.

4.) I have put 200 rounds through the gun and it was good.

5.) I purchased a Black hawk size 7.
Originally Posted by diggsbakes View Post
Now your next task is to shoot it until it hurts, clean, then repeat. That's a beautiful gun. Enjoy!
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