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invicta8926 09-18-2012 07:56 PM

How often do you practice with your weapon?
Alright guys, I know some of us have become complacent so be honest.

Threetango 09-18-2012 08:05 PM

No where near as much as I'd like and not as much as I need too, to be proficient.
Guess I'm gettin old. :D

gladesbassin 09-18-2012 08:08 PM

I would say atleast once a week. Im always going to my lgs to window shop and atleast try to fire off a few rounds of my cc.

Coyotenator 09-18-2012 09:44 PM

I used to practice once or twice a month at the ranch, but I recently put in a much more elaborate range right at the house, and now I am out there a couple times a week.

It is amazing how much more I shoot with the range 50 yds from the house as opposed to 1/2 mile.

BeyondTheBox 09-19-2012 09:34 PM

Once every couple of months.

phildenton 09-20-2012 02:18 AM

The answer is, no matter how often, its not often enough. But usually 1-5 times a month for me.

LikeABoss 09-20-2012 02:21 AM

700 to 1000 rounds a month normally 2/3 times

tacticalfun 09-20-2012 02:22 AM

Several times a week.

Rick1967 09-20-2012 02:26 AM

I shoot my 1911 at least once a month for IDPA. But I also go to the range quite often. Maybe once a week. At least once every two weeks. But I am shooting different guns on those trips. I try to put a few rounds through my cc gun every now and then just to stay proficient. I have been experimenting with several hunting rifles and different loads getting ready for elk hunting. So I have been to the range about 3 times in the last week plus the competition this last weekend.

gollygee 09-20-2012 03:22 PM

I shoot once per week, weather permitting since I use an outdoor range. I have several pistols in my carry rotation so it works out that I'll practice with a particular one about once every two months.

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