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harleysilo 10-24-2008 05:15 PM

Home invasion plan, what am I overlooking?
So itís 2:00 AM and I awake to the sound of breaking glass, what do I do? Well right now I would walk out of our Master bedroom, passing a newly replaced ďsteelĒ door which leads to the basement. A few steps further and I would reach my daughters bedroom door. At this point I can look down the hallway (which is too my right because Iíve dead ended into my daughters door) and see the area right by our front door 25í away and 40í further to the kitchen. This is a problem because Iím totally exposed to the rest of the house. If I continue to walk the 25í towards the front door Iíll pass a spare bedroom on my left and then the hallway joins the greeting room at the front door. The framing at the end of the hallway was constructed as if a door would be installed which never was done. My plan is to install a door there. There will be no threshold so Ĺ to 1 inch gap at the floor. The flooring is ceramic tile.

With the new door, when I go to sleep at night I can lock it and our three bedrooms will be separated from the rest of the house, sealed off by the new door and another door leading to the basement. The only other reasonable access to the newly defined area would be through my master bedroom windows about 5í off the ground a handy escape route. The new door would enable me to go straight to my daughtersí room without being exposed, I could retrieve her and retreat to the master bedroom closet and wait for Johnny law, or escape out the window. The Master bedroom door and closet door are hollow wood doors without deadbolts (basically useless). If I retreat to the closet (where the guns are) I would still consider the bedroom door the last line of defense. If they are coming through that they want to kill me. This is because one cannot go from the closet to the escape window without passing the area by the bedroom door. There is currently no way to exit the closet (however I have a unfinished basement and could make and escape hatch enabling one to drop down from the closet to the basement).

So what are your thoughts on this plan. My values place life above all. Even the life of a scumbag burglar or stupid neighborhood kid on drugs. Murderís and rapists are different. Iím no hero and will not be confronting any intruders, take what you want I have insurance. I have two large dogs which would be in the secured space as well.

BigO01 10-24-2008 06:01 PM

Sounds like a well laid out home for defensive purposes after you get that extra door up . Until you do buy some of the plug in night lights for the great room and arrange the furniture so they are as exposed as can be .

This way if a break in occurs in the rest of the house an intruders night vison will be interupted by the lights making it less likely they would see you getting your daughter from her room at the end of a hallway and it will illuminate them for you to see if they are armed or not .

With two good sized dogs chances are your home will be passed over but with so many of todays home invasions you never know .

I would also look into some of that film they put on windows to prevent shattering for your bedroom and then make sure the drapes over them are sturdy enough to catch any broken glass just to be sure and keep them closed at night . As a matter of fact keeping drapes and curtains closed at night is always a good idea , leaving them open with lights on turns your home into a showcase strangers can look into and see what you own and the arrangement of the home .

I would also make sure the backyard has good motion lights that cover the whole yard , you wouldn't want to "escape" right into the arms of a half a dozen gang members waiting outside .

harleysilo 10-24-2008 06:35 PM

I'll need to research the window film. We do sleep with the blinds up no curtains and tv on and I'm well aware someone could look right in, from across the yard.

I installed four of these replacement outlets with lights. Basically what was two outlets becomes one outlet and an LED light. Two are in the hallway, one out in the front door area and one in the kitchen area. I can walk from my bedroom to the frig and not turn on any lights. I think they are supposed to last for 15,000 hours and they only turn on when it's dark.

matt g 10-24-2008 07:06 PM

If your neighborhood is that bad, why not just move?

harleysilo 10-24-2008 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by matt g (Post 46939)
If your neighborhood is that bad, why not just move?

My neighborhood isn't bad at all. I've left the garage door open and doors unlocked all night so many times I can't count....but I shouldn't. Better safe than sorry and for the cost of one more door why not amiright? Maybe it's the giant stupid ARE YOU PREPARED? sign at the top of the page which is getting annoying causing me to think this way......

matt g 10-24-2008 07:41 PM

Generally, armor and fortification are put in place to meet the application. I don't see the need for what you're doing if you live in an average suburban neighborhood.

Like Robo said in the other thread, a well placed boot heel will open most doors without resistance. For those that it won't a sledge or pry bar will. It's not uncommon for a burglar to carry either of these tools. Also, rapists usually make up rape kits that contain tools for B&E which are usually much better thought out than a burglar's kit.

I'm just sayin'...

KellyTTE 10-24-2008 10:59 PM

Weapon light (some of the new LED versions are 120+ lumens).
Training. Training. Training. If you have access or can access a shoot house to learn real room clearing, all the better.
Did I mention training?

Fortifications are nice, but anyone with a crowbar or a post ram can defeat even a steel door in seconds. Either you're mentally prepared to go the distance or your not. The general consensus is that if you look deep down inside you'll know if you're that 1% that can pull the trigger when the time comes. I strongly suggest that you read Col Grossman's 'On Killing' as well.

cbw 10-25-2008 01:02 AM

Your house sounds secure enough, except for the ability to look into the windows. Does your family have a plan? It sounds like you have an idea but if all of you do not know what to do then it's useless. Dogs are the best wake up tool available. I'm all for saving life too, my families and if you do not belong in my house, then you have made one of the worse choices in your life. No-one has the right to break into someones home, period! Especially in the middle of the night. I don't know if you have ever had any "close" calls or actually had anyone break in , but it changes you. Your whole thought process changes and you feel violated even if you were not physically touched. I'm a large mean looking MF so in the daylight I have very rarely had anyone jack with me, oh yeah I've had my clock cleaned a few times by some people, but even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. Rethink what's important to you, cause at night no-one knows or cares who or what you are, they are coming in to get your stuff, or you or both and doors are not the most common method of entry,windows are, most homes have plenty of them. Insurance is great, we all most likely have it, look around, I bet you have some things that you could never replace, let alone your family. Bottom line- if they want in they are coming in.....

harleysilo 10-25-2008 01:19 AM

the current plan is to get in master closet wait for police all the while armed and ready to shoot anyone that comes in the bedroom.

Other than curtains to block looking into the windows, the film might help but it would seem a sharp knife could render it useless, not to mention youcan pry up a window. Easiest acces to my house is you hop the 5' privacy fence, go up to the deck and then either kick in a door or smash a window. At this point I'm up, armed and getting my daughter. If you are coming after us then you have one steel door to bust through,and then you have to pick a room. It has a steel door to, so you must kick it in. At this point I'm in fear for my life and I shoot you or I escape through the window

We also have the castle doctrine law in Ga.

MichaelG 10-25-2008 01:20 AM

I suggest installing deadbolts, and get rid of the "hollow doors."

As far as I can tell, burglars MAINLY go after the larger houses, and will overlook trailors/double wides if there are bigger homes near. That is why I have a double-wide with 3 dogs. All doors have deadbolts and the windows are high off the ground. ;)

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