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Home defense

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Originally Posted by willfully armed View Post
Long guns aren't ideal for HD as they are LONG!!! you want a pistol
I agree with ya Willy. While I have a shotgun, my GP100, loaded with 38 specials not 357's, is next to my bed at night. Without special training, one would be at a disadvantage with a shotgun as opposed to a handgun as a shotgun is harder to deploy in tight quarters. And the scatter gun effect of a shotgun at "in house distances" is only a Hollywood movie myth. You can miss just as easy with a shotgun as with any other weapon. 00 Buck will have only a 5 to 6 inch spread at 15 feet ! ! ! At closer distances, the spread gets much smaller. Check out the video for various shotgun patterns. (That's not me in the video.) Sure, a shotgun with 00 buck is devastating "IF" you hit the bad guy. But that's a might big "IF".

To the OP. It just boils down to personal preference. For the ultimate in reliability, I prefer a revolver. No safeties or feed issues to deal with. It's not power, or caliber, or firepower that counts. What counts is skill and presence of mind.

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This really isn't a fair comparison. Hi-Point is not trying to be an "heirloom" gun manufacturer. All gun manufacturers have to pass certain safety standards to produce firearms that are relatively safe for public use, however, even in the article mentioned above, the Hi-Point uses many plastic parts to save money, where other gun makers choose to use metal and make a weapon that will last hundreds of years. While some people may appreciate a weapon that can be handed down to their great-great-grandson, there is also a market that wants an inexpensive weapon for protection and only need it to last for the next decade or so.

There is room in the market for both types of weapons and each should be apreciated for its own merits. Hi-Point is filling a niche for cheap but reliable weapons that few have been willing to address. This makes a broader section of the public able to afford weapons and enjoy shooting sports or protect themselves. Hi-Point could even be considered an "Entry Level" firearm, which may lead new shooters to later buying heirloom guns, which is better for the industry as a whole. Even if you are not a Hi-Point fan, realize that they could be a good thing for the shooting public as a whole. The more people that learn to shoot and own a gun, the better it is for all of us as gun owners!
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As always, we have people with differing opinions here. Please present your arguments with facts, not emotion. If the arguing continues here I'll shut this thread down and I don't want to do that as this is a good thread to learn from.

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It's seems like 60% of the threads I've come across have dissolved into wars of Glock V. 1911... So let's table that for a second.

Roy Huntington, Clint Smith, Massad Ayoob, and Ed Head have all been advocates of double action service revolvers, both for defensive shooting, and for new shooters, due to the less complicated manual of arms. Like it was mentioned before, no controls to manipulate fewer (though not unheard of) malfunctions, and the only "downside" is capacity (which no 1911 advocate can gripe about haha) and the old chestnut that double actions are harder to reload. Google Jerry miculek. Your argument is invalid (haha)

You can find a perfectly good model 10, 64, or Ruger gp100 for well under &500.

You can find a good pump or double barrel shotgun (both recommended by Clint Smith) for $500.

And you could find a modern service pistol, more than capable of getting the job done, for just a bit more. (although I will say I've never seen a Sig Sauer, FNH, or quality 1911 go that low, even used...)

But the weapon itself is inconsequential. TRAINING and PLANNING are what will decide if you overcome your attacker or not.

Even the best gun won't help you run it any better, or shoot any better under stress, and it certainly won't help you any if you don't take the time to plan.

Find something, with a proper grip, decent sights, and manageable trigger pull. Decide for yourself what's more important: caliber or capacity.

If its in your price range, great. If not, consider spending the extra money. You can't put a price on safety.

Buy a safe. I suggest those little biometric gunvaults. Easy to access, not an arm and a leg.

I personally don't advise the "keep a condition one gun on the nightstand"... Coopers colors of situational awareness... You can't go from condition white to anything but panic anyway... If someone bursts in your bedroom, and it's an intruder, you were already too far behind to catch up...

It's also a good way to accidentally shoot a wild eyed Rug-rat who's running in cause they had a nitemare or an agitated spouse who's coming to say something suspicious is going down...

Get a good light, and learn to use it with your gun. See above for why. Target identification will not only help you in court, but straight on, intense light will blind an assailant. Toss that "it'll give away your position!" this isn't Afghanistan. You need to know that shadow you shot wasn't your kid...

Get a holster and extra mags/speed loaders.
Holster goes without saying. Extra mags/loaders are crucial, you never know when one may malfunction...

But most of all TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN!

Run that gun! Be able to reload, handle malfunctions, handle things one handed, support handed, from the ground, etc... If the bottom does drop out, you will NOT "rise to the occasion" you will default to your level of training... And a custom made Ed brown masterpiece wont be worth jack-all if your training defaults to zero...
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