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markie357 01-29-2013 10:33 PM

HELP PLEASE Two guns i found CHEAP
Hey everyone, I found two guns and I'm tempted to pick one or both up but I'm looking for all of your experienced opinions please.
The first is a Jimenez single action 380 used
And the other is a 1911 22 cal single action Chiappa also used. I personally have never heard of either of them.
I have read a ton on here that you get what you pay for and that kinda scares me bein a newbie and all. I get my cpl on Friday, I originally want the SR9c Unfortunately not in my budget at the moment. I want something I can at least carry so so I can get the feel of it being there and also so I can go practice at the range. I also do not want to spend my money on something that will put a huge dent in my Ruger money. Just want to be able to carry ASAP so I can get used to it and I have read it takes some gettin used to. Thanks everyone

marc29th 01-29-2013 10:38 PM

"Danger Will Robinson" I wouldn't buy a Jimenez at any price! Save your money and get a better firearm. For $300 you can get a quality carry gun. The Chippawa would be a good gun to learn on... not so much for carry.

Wiebelhaus 01-29-2013 10:58 PM

Do not get that Jimenez not worth fifty bucks but if you do, don't keep one in the pipe, they are not trust worthy in the least.

danf_fl 01-29-2013 11:26 PM

All right, how much is you life worth if you rely on a "cheap" firearm to protect your a$$?

Investing in self protection is not only purchasing the firearm (and holsters (yep, more than one), extra mags, good belt, and who knows what other accessories), but also training, dedication to learn, and practice.

A firearm by itself will not protect you or make you invincible.

When you carry, your whole life will change. You become more aware of things and possible dangers to you and those around you.
Partying and enjoying a couple drinks is no longer an option, but forbidden if you are to be a responsible firearm carrier.

Your choice of firearm should be of one you can trust, the brand should have a good reputation, and be of powerful enough to stop the threat.

Have you looked at the options of how you are going to carry a firearm? An inside the waist may conceal pretty good, but how does it work when you sit down? Outside the waist could be bulky. Shoulder holster carry is okay when you wear a jacket, but if you are wearing a jacket when it is 98 outside, then someone could guess that you are hiding something. Ankle rig may work (but not if you wear shorts).

There is more to self protection than just buying a gun.

hoovco 01-29-2013 11:39 PM

You don't need to spend a fortune on a good carry gun, but if you're going to make concealed carry a part of your lifestyle, it's worth getting something nice, well known, and reliable.

markie357 01-29-2013 11:49 PM

Thank you all for your answers and danf my guess will be you skimmed through my post so thanks for YOUR opinion on what I may or may not know instead of on the guns I asked about.

BeyondTheBox 01-30-2013 01:23 AM

Based only on your original post...

I fully endorse buying what you can when you can, in almost every situation, this included.

If you feel the need to be armed and/or desire to protect yourself, then by all means do so as best you can. If you have limited funds with no increase in availability of spare in the near future then use what you have.

It appears to me that you are doing your due diligence here, researching the brands and firearms within your budget and for that no one can or should question or judge a single element of.

Now to the guns:

I have ACTUAL firsthand experience with Jimenez products, 3 to be exact. I am also a major SNS supporter and student, have owned over 10 handguns from the most infamous ROF brands. I've taken them completely apart and reassembled, I've studied and owned different generations and read much information on the history of these brands. So the opinions below, and they are just that, are based on this research.

The bad! Most of these guns are made with subpar quality materials. Zamak! Is a zinc based alloy, making it cheaper to produce, but softer. To compensate for the lack in foundation these SNS manufacturers make their guns thicker. It adds weight to the gun, quite a bit, and does help, but they're still known to have pressure cracks with a higher frequency than that of guns made of higher quality metals.

The Jimenez is best if it's the large frame 380LC. The small frame had cracking issues. The large can still have its issues and has reports of these same cracks with the older models with plastic Takedown pins, but all new ones use metal now and are known for their reliability to anyone who cares to not remain ignorant about something and actually educate themselves past the Internet loud mouths. A way to identify these new models is by the box. Flip top lid rather than fully removable. As long as the serial on the gun matches the box and is a flip top lid you've ensured you have the best possible chance of getting a quality a gun as you would with any other manufacturer can given quality control can only go so far.

The Chiappa. I wish I had info for you on this gun, I don't, however I would advise that a 380 is a much better round for self defense than a Rimfire 22lr. That said you did mention you wish this gun to give you an idea of what is going to be like to carry a gun once you get your CPL. My advice here is not to use either of these guns for that purpose. The Jimenez will be very heavy and the Chiappa I believe is a full size 1911 and unless you plan on CCing such a large gun, it won't be a good gage for this. Though if the two it would become a fun gun for plinking later down the road and much cheaper to shoot!

Anyway, just my dime on the subject.

PrimePorkchop 01-30-2013 01:29 AM


Originally Posted by markie357 (Post 1115596)
Thank you all for your answers and danf my guess will be you skimmed through my post so thanks for YOUR opinion on what I may or may not know instead of on the guns I asked about.

There's no skimming the posts. I agree with what danf said.

Think of it this way:

Why buy just any gun to carry? If you want to start carrying right away, why carry with a different gun?

A 1911 .22lr is going to feel completely different from a 1911 .45acp. The 45 will be bigger and heavier.

Getting a 1911 frame to get used to isn't going to give you any insight on what it feels like to carry a compact firearm, something like a Glock 26, or, as you point out the Ruger Sr9C.

You're asking for opinions. Danf's opinion is the same as mine - what you're asking for someone to agree with you on isn't feasible.

You're essentially saying you're going to buy a dodge dart to get used to knowing what it feels like driving a Corvette.

Save your money, it'll keep you that much closer to getting that Ruger.

That's my advice.

And that Jimenez is junk. Stay away.
The 1911 would be a fun piece to take to the range, but a 22 isnt what you want to carry, so don't buy a 22 for carry purposes. Not even to "see how it feels"

It's a waste of money if that's your purpose.

What it sounds like to me is you want someone to agree with you, since you really want one of those guns.

If thats how you want to spend your $$$, go for it, don't wait for a strangers approval.

But you're not going to be happy with it in the end.

You're not going to learn what its like carrying a Ruger Sr9C by buying a 1911 22lr.

Axxe55 01-30-2013 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by markie357 (Post 1115596)
Thank you all for your answers and danf my guess will be you skimmed through my post so thanks for YOUR opinion on what I may or may not know instead of on the guns I asked about.

gee, Dan gives you some very good information to give thought to and you dismiss it, just because he didn't address those two particular pistols you suggested? sorry, but IMO your comments came of as pretty rude and in poor taste. Dan was pretty well spot on with his information.

to answer your question! the Jennings are considered by most to be junk and better used a trot line weght or a paperweight, not a CC pistol. the 1911 22lr pistol would be considered by most not a very good choice either for a CC pistol. rimfires are not usually the best choice for CC. the 380 would be smallest i would ever consider for CC.

as Dan said, what price do you put on your safety? cheap guns are usually that, cheap guns!

Dearhunter 01-30-2013 01:50 AM

Hey Markie, ease up, take the advise you are being given by those on the board that have been there. The Jimenez is a problem gun. If you want the "feel" get something that will really do the job. On the low end, I suggest you find a Kel Tec 9mm, You may find one for about $295 if that is in your budget. I carry a Kel Tec 9mm. I have had no problems firing mine. Plus you can put a clip on it for about $14, that way you don't need a holster. I slid the clip on my belt and wear mine in between my belt and pants. If fits so flat, you could wear it under a T shirt. If that does not sound good to you, then just slow down and make the right decision.

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