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thefarmboy21 02-23-2013 02:59 PM

Help picking new Carry/plinking gun!!!
I'm in the market for a new Everyday carry gun, but it also something I'll enjoy shooting. Plinking may not be the correct term, but I want to like shooting the gun. Currently I pocket carry a KelTec PF9 and have decided to trade up per say. I have the PF9 sold and want a nicer gun. I absolutely hate shooting it. I've also had too many issues with it and no longer trust it....yes I could send it off but I'd still hate to shoot it. SO now I'm going to buy another and need hell picking a new one. Here's my current list of options:

1. Glock 26 or 27
2. Kimber SOLO Carry
3. Kahr CM9 or CM40
4. Sig P290
5. 1911 of some nature
6. Colt mustang
7. Sig P238 or P938
8. ???

Right now it's hard to find anything in my area to even handle, let alone find one I can borrow and shoot. Feel free to add anything you think I may like. What I like the feel of best are the 1911's and the Glocks BUT I'm spoiled on pocket carry, so that's where it gets tough. The Kimber SOLO and Kahr CM9 are probably my top 2 choices right now, but those are the 2 I can't find to even hold. The Smaller Glocks would be my choice but they're longer and I don't know if I can pocket carry one. If I wanted to hip carry there's no doubt I'd probably buy a 1911. Just to throw this out there I absolutely do not like the looks or feel of the S&W M&P series, or the Springfield XD series guns.

Does anyone have and/or have shot a Kimber Solo or one of the short framed Kahr's? Please give me every aspect of why I would or wouldn't like the specific guns you mention. I'm not opposed to IWB carry but I do LOVE to carry in my front pocket. And I want something I'll want to shoot every couple weeks. Thanks in advance! I love this forum!

HOSSFLY 02-23-2013 03:08 PM

1911 of course :)

hardluk1 02-23-2013 03:14 PM

I have been pocket cc'n a cm9 for a few years and is very reliable but a plimker!! I also CC'd a pf-9, The cm9 is several comfort levels higher for sure. Kimbers price take it out of list to even think about.

Since you are so found of 1911's why not look at the sig p938 IF you would darn carry a pocket pistol with a external safety and SA trigger. Price is lower than kimber and may still fit your needs.

Personaly when plinking needs are mixed in the kahr cw9 is far better but you will need to IWB it. Old faithfull holster kit is low cost and works great. I have a cw9 and it is very tuckable even with a loose t-shirt in a 2;10 possition for me. If you buy a kahr down the road look at there TP series as a 1911 styled pistol. Same trigger feel and pull as the smaller kahrs means nothing new to have to master.

indy36 02-23-2013 03:49 PM

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I have held and shot the P238 and I really liked it. Like really liked it. It's a nice piece and well made and has very little recoil. I would look for one of those in a second.

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thefarmboy21 02-23-2013 04:31 PM

The Kimber is priced in between the sig P238 and P938 from what I've seen. So it's really not out of range. All three are much more than a Kahr.

kiabe1 02-26-2013 11:42 PM

1911 for sure

thefarmboy21 02-27-2013 12:07 PM

I just wish they made a thinner 1911. If they Made one like the browning special edition .22, that's 75% the 1911 size, in a .380 or something....that would be the gun I'd buy. I love the feel of them. The P238's and such just aren't as close as the little .22

Sentry18 02-27-2013 02:32 PM

I had a Kel-Tec PF9 and hated shooting it as well. It got worse when mine became unreliable as well. So I upgraded to a Ruger LC9 with a Galloway trigger and recoil spring. It's hard to believe but those 4-5oz's and improved springs cut down the felt recoil and muzzle flip by a considerable degree. I have had 150 round range session with my LC9 without any level of hand pain. Something I could never have done with my PF9. The wife has since taken my LC9 and claimed it as her own.

So now my primary back up gun is the S&W Shield 9mm. I was the first in my state to own one and have put many 1000's of rounds down range with it. The gun is so soft shooting and accurate I actually put my M&P Compact away in the safe and it has been there ever since. I have owned pretty much every slim compact 9mm (sans the Walther PPS) out there and none of them had the shootability of the Shield. While it looks and carries like an ultra slim compact, it shoots like a mid-sized gun. They can be hard to find though.

I have no personal experience with the Sig, but I have a co-worker who says that his Sig P938 Nightmare was properly named "Nightmare". Two trips back to the factory before he demanded a refund. And he is a die hard Sig fan.

thefarmboy21 02-27-2013 05:02 PM

I could get a shield if I wanted one but if I was going to buy something that size I'd go ahead and buy a Glock I think. Two of my buddies have/had the shields in won't carry it because its too big and the other sold his for same reason. I like the looks of the LC9 and the Kahr's. The Kahr is probably my top pick right now, but there's not any aftermarket triggers/spring for it that I'm aware of.

Sentry18 02-27-2013 05:47 PM

The Kahr and the Shield are nearly the same size. Are you thinking about the M&P Compact?

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