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getem2011 09-20-2013 03:26 AM

Help me choose between Brigade M-11 and Miltsparks VMII or Nexus
Like the title says, anyone who has experience with either of these three please let me know what you think. It will be for a commander 1911 and my first concealed carry holster. Also any leads to good belt craftsman would be appreciated.


Missouribound 09-20-2013 03:32 AM

It's unlikely you will get any help making the decision....but you will keep buying holsters until you find the right one for you. No matter how similar bodey shapes and builds are, nobody is exactly the same. I have one CCW gun....and 3 holsters for it....and I'm looking for a couple of more....a shoulder holster and a belly band of sorts. Have fun.

BrigadeGunLeather 09-20-2013 02:33 PM

Brigade GunLeather Holsters M-11 CCH
Hello, Missouribound... Getem2011 is correct, different people prefer different carry methods.

There are 4 main things we already know that should concern us all:

1. Effective carry... You will need to know your holster will perform under extreme circumstances. We all carry a gun for protection for situations we cannot think of in advance. If you are drawing a gun in a stress situation you holster needs to be of high quality and perform how you need it to. Don't expect a loose fitting holster to do well in many situations. A design needs to afford you the confidence in a quick yet sturdy draw. Practice, practice and more practice.

2. Proper concealment... You don't want some thug seeing it, and trying to steal it from you, or starting trouble with you as there are criminals that stupid. Again, that can be avoided with a high-quality and well designed concealed leather holster. In my opinion the element of suprise in most situations is best and you don't want people to know you are carrying a concealed handgun on you. Someone who does not believe you have the right to carry, legal or not , licensed or not may call a store manager or police on you and will have to hassle with that even though you are lawfully carrying. You can avoid that with a very good concealed carry holster, that will effectively hide it under most articles of clothing.

3. Gun retention... You need to be concerned about gun retention in the holster. The design should incorporate enough friction that allows safe retention on the weapon during increased activity or stressed situation. Perhaps you fall or get into a fight. Just about anything will hold a handgun but someone who is serious about concealed carry needs to be seriously concerned with gun retention especially as the years go by and the holster loosens some.

4. Comfort... You will want to be comfortable with the holster on all day, and while driving in your vehicle. Some holsters are comfortable while driving and some are not. Leather is very forgiving and more flexible than plastic, and will hold up a lot longer and is also far more silent.

My Brigade Gunleather M-11 Concealment holster is by far my most popular for the last 17 years. If you are looking to conceal your gun effectively, allowing you to draw in an emergency, all while being comfortable, then the IWB (Inside-Waist-Band) holsters are what I strongly recommend for concealed carry. In fact, it is the only type I recommend for concealed carry use where you want your gun to actually be concealed. You don't want the grip poking out the back of your shirt when you move or bend over. You don't want the holster to be seen if your shirt comes up a little bit and exposes the gun/holster. Good well designed and shaped IWB holsters will eliminate that.

Below is a photo of the group of gun holsters I am currently working on. I do work 7 days a week and slowly but steadily my wait times are coming down.

Please either call me toll free at 888-600-2377 or email me at with any questions since I very rarely log in to a forum.

Thanks to anyone who has an order with me and please please call me if you have been waiting a long time and I will take care of your order as quick as possible. Thank you. Below are a few recent photos I took.

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