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Alpha1Victor 10-14-2011 03:29 PM

Have you ever had to draw on someone?
I would like to hear your story of drawing your concealed weapon.

JonM 10-14-2011 03:32 PM

Twice neither time had to shoot the guy

vincent 10-14-2011 03:34 PM

Whenever someone passes out on the couch we all draw on him.....ooohhh my gun...THANK GOD NO!!!

Overkill0084 10-14-2011 03:47 PM

Only in the artistic sense.
Don't pass out in the dorm common areas...

trip286 10-14-2011 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by vincent (Post 601253)
Whenever someone passes out on the couch we all draw on him.....ooohhh my gun...THANK GOD NO!!!

Thanks for the laugh.

Outside of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have drawn a knife on a person and had to use it.

I was wandering around in a town I will leave unnamed (I was young, dumb, and drinking underage, so I left the scene. I'm not proud of it), when my friend stumbled out into the street. A car swerved around him, and then ran up on the curb. 4 guys got out and started towards us yelling that they were going to "eff us up". My buddy (who totally left me hanging and still gets crap for it to this day) took off running. I tried to follow, was too slow, and found myself getting the snot beat out of me by 4 guys. I pulled my USMC Ka-Bar and stuck it into the gut of the nearest guy all the way to the hilt.

His friends dragged him to the car (after kicking me in the face a couple times) and left, I hope to take him to the hospital.

And then I ran.

canebrake 10-14-2011 03:52 PM

No, I have not. My philosophy is, if I draw my gun my training has failed me! I'm a true believer in Situational Awareness.

Your number one option for personal security is a lifelong commitment to avoidance, deterrence, and de-escalation.

In the immortal words of Clint Smith, "The #1 rule of a gun fight is to AVOID IT! The best example of good training is to never get in a fight."

Most folks believe the first rule of a gunfight is to have a gun. That is not correct! Clint Smith would be the first to tell you, "Gunfighting Rule No. 1 is if there is any way possible to avoid a gunfight, do it. Anyone carrying a firearm for self defense who doesn't adhere to this rule needs to re-think the whole aspect of carrying."

Alpha1Victor 10-14-2011 03:56 PM

The reason I ask is because i have had to draw on someone before. I had an incident last night at my local 7-11. It was about 11:15pm last night, i was on my way home from my friends house. I was low on gas so i stopped at the closest gas station. I went inside to get a drink and pay for my gas. While i was over by the refrigerated side of the store picking between a&w root beer or a water, I heard a male voice yelling at the clerk. i never saw him come in, but he seemed upset that he couldn't buy cigs because he did have an id on him. The clerk politely said " I'm sorry i can't sell them to you without an id" The customer did appear to be of age but i guess its the policy. The customer then left the store.
As i start walking up the isle to go pay for my a&w the customer comes back in not 15 seconds later with a hoodie on and hands in the front pockets. He demanded the clerk the give him 5 cartons of cigs or "he would blow him away". I don't know if this punk had seen me over by the drinks or not but he didn't seem to have any interest in me. I then knelt down put my drink on the ground and crawled to the back behind a coolers light display. I drew my gun, stood up and was on target when i yelled
"let me see your hands"
The customer turned around in shock. We stood looking at each other for what seemed like an eternity. I shouted to him " if you have a gun and you make any movements that i don't like ill shoot you" The customer bolted of the door faster than i could blink. I told the clerk to lock the door and call the cops. Cops arrive a few minutes later. i give a statement and they watch the tape. Its now 11:55 and i ask the clerk if he could ring me up for my gas and drink. The clerk said "its on the house, thank you again".

So thats my story:) I just glad i didn't have to shoot. That would have ruined my night.

Yetiman 10-14-2011 04:33 PM

Not sure what I can ad
but it sounds like it all worked out all right.

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth !

Alpha1Victor 10-14-2011 04:43 PM

Everything did work out just fine. Im still alive and so is everyone else that was involved:)

BenLuby 10-14-2011 05:47 PM

Should I have drawn? I'd say no. I carry as a fall back. It's the ultimate last resort, and, much like Cane said, using the gun is a last resort.
Let me preface by stating I have training in hand to hand and learned well in the service.
Idiot me decided to take a 'short cut', which I know better than.
Man pulled knife and came at me. I didn't have time to even think about my sidearm, and resorted to training. Man wound up with a broken wrist for his trouble, and I didn't see a need to press the issue, as the fight was out of him.
While calling the cops, he ran off. I let him go, because quite simply, I am not interested in trying to run down an idiot.
Gave the cops the account of the attempted mugging, they took the report and never heard from them again.
The sidearm is a last resort for me. I carry, but have no desire to use it. Buying a firearm and thinking that is the end of it, you're prepared, is probably one of the worst mistakes someone can make.
I practice routinely, but I also practice hand to hand. Fortunately, my sons are both large men like me, and we spar regularly, practicing self defense.
One should be capable of using if needed, but should assess the situation before resorting to a sidearm.
The primary reason I carry is because of my line of work doesn't give me the option of picking and choosing what neighborhoods I am in. is my fall back last resort.
Fortunately, it's spent it's life in the holster, which is where I hope it remains.

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