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FL Bill to allow concealed carry without permit

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Originally Posted by danf_fl View Post
There is no open carry and it would be harder to pass as an open carry law (we still have anti-gun zealots).

A state of emergency can entail a lot of things. Storms are only one example. I believe the governor has the authority to declare a state of emergency. (Danny Rolling episode could have been a state of emergency in Gainsville. )

I see this as a camel getting its nose in the tent.
I know all about the zealots, PITA that they are. It's just that with the hunting, fishing, camping, and range trip exception to open carry I was wondering why they didn't just tack on the declared state of emergency bill to that.

From a personal standpoint I would prefer the untrained and unpermitted people be able to carry openly while those with permits are given the option of either method. I know that would get the anti's knickers in a knot, but if we tack another open carry exception on to an already existing law what can they say?

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Originally Posted by Gh0zt36 View Post
No , back then I was in full sheeple mode. Living in a alchohol and pot induced haze of ignorance. I had NOTHING . I bathed in the pool for the first week till the pool turned into a swamp . After that I was taking bottled water showers in the driveway every 2-3 days . I had like 1 .38 with 1 cylinder of ammo. Food ran out after about a week or two . I saw 2 guys beat the living sh#t out of each other for the last gallon of milk 15 miles away . It was a real eye opener as to what the first 2 months of teotwawki / wrol freaking nightmare.

The first hurricane hit 145mph sustained with gusts up to 190mph ... I didn't evacuate and was in my garage although it was night time you could still partially see and definitely hear the catastrophe unfolding .

In the Distance every couple minutes you'd see this ominous bluish/green glow from transformers blowing accross town . I saw a approx 60 ft mobile home doing cartwheels down my street end over end . The sound was undescribable.

The day after devastation. Looked like a bomb had gone off debris from mobile homes everywhere . The shingles on my roof were stripped and part of the tar paper too . we had water in the house.. as I said we ran out of food about a week or two later . Kept alive by national guard MREs and red cross food truck . National Guard with M16s posted every .5 mile in my area . Part of US-1 main highway on the coast had washed into the Indian River . Travel was impossible. this continued for about 27 days . Then power came back on ... for about 4 days .....

The 2nd hurricane hit 150mph sustained gusts up to 197 mph . when it began I knew what was coming after the first. up to 100mph I was sh$tfaced hanging out of a tree with a bottle of jack in my hand 70ft up until a smaller tree next to it split in half and I thought ok time to get down .

National guard and red cross had evacuated . I had no food like 3 MREs maybe a gallon or two of water left . At one point I was in bed trying to sleep and the strongest gust of that storm kicked my bed off the wall 6 inches. I could hear the stickframe of our house popping and whinning . I thought the house was coming down . I jumped up and ran into the garage where I had my bronco sitting in 4wd with the tailgate down backed up to the door . flew into the back and jumped into the driver seat getting ready to evac to .... uhh ?? the gust let up and the house didnt come down . I slept the rest of the night in the bronco .

Next day ... Utter and complete devastation ........again . What was left standing was now gone. tornados and the hurricane wiped pretty much everything out . Now entire sections of US -1 were gone both northbound lanes and part of the median had washed away . my roof was now completely stripped of all shingles and all tar paper . sheeting was loose and sheeting clips were gone . I had a 1ft of standing water in the house. walls were wrecked.
2 days later i was starving .. Finally red cross and national guard returned . Thank god.

The next month was like being a helpless domesticated victim living in the stone age . 30 days later we got power back . My town must have looked like the ocean from the sky . Blue fema tarps had been thrown over every house that was still upright . for miles .

Was amazing I survived . Looting rampant . Fights everywhere from the misery factor .

Hope I never see anything like it again .
Wow, that sounds like a novel in itself, glad you survived, I cant imagine that happening in upstate NY ever. The only thing close was the 1998 Ice storm that whacked 1/3rd of the state. I was National Guard and we were activated and sent to the Canadian border region for nearly a month. If youve never seen a real Ice storm, look at the clip below, it doesnt do justice to the reality of boulders dropping out of the sky for 2 weeks after but you get the idea. The rural areas (most of upstate) for every one utility pole still standing there was 50 poles snapped like twigs laying on the ground.

The area we were deployed stayed without power for most of that month and some places went 2 months before getting back online. 6" of Ice wrapped around everything brought down everything including the giant steel high tension towers carrying all the hydro power. We wore our Kevlars the first two weeks to prevent head injuries from falling ice the size of cement blocks! Every tree top for 2oo miles east of our location had been topped like a giant line trimmer had chopped them off and they were in the roads, through roofs and we chopped and moved them 18 hours a day for the first couple weeks.

My Anti Armor Platoon turned into loggers. Our missile systems and 50 cals replaced by chainsaws, drag chains and winches (our new assault weapons of choice)! We were the very first folks to break through to the border region. Funny thing was, all the folks in outlying areas were doing fine, they had smoke coming from the chimneys, generators were humming along and all of them offered us food, none wanted the MRE's some asked for fuel but admitted they were well stocked. Folks in built up areas were not with every service you could think of available to them.

There was no looting, no thuggery, very little price gouging, few deaths (asphyxiation from kerosun heaters in elderly peoples apartments) or injuries other than slip and falls and idiots that failed to consider the danger of falling ice. We didnt carry our M16's although we did have them in our temp armory in the YMCA we were living in.

To bring it back round to the thread, when the SHTF, reactions are very regional and localities become their own states for a short time, each dealing with the particular issues that they are specifically encountering. Looking back on the ice storm, we werent even briefed on procedures or responses to armed citizens because they were never perceived as a threat even in those emergent conditions. I never even thought about the possibility of one of the Armed North Country Natives (most are armed) threatening my platoon or their neighbors, if it had been NY CIty, the response plan would be more like what you would do in Miami.
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