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First Concealed Weapon

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Op- a 3" .45 is a bad idea for most women.

What the **** is a 357 super magnum?

$500? Lots of options. Used HK compact USP comes to mind.

You can get new keltec pf9's for under $250. Good gun.

If you are going to carry a gun......carry it. Don't leave it in a purse.
Shooter ready....
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Originally Posted by willfully armed View Post
Op- a 3" .45 is a bad idea for most women.

What the **** is a 357 super magnum?
why is a .45 bad for women?? let the women pick what they want.

it is a wildcat cartridge kinda like the 357 max. both of which are a little longer case than a 357 magnum so they wont fit in smaller revolvers.
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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
let the women pick what they want.
Why not? They always end up getting their way.
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Originally Posted by Phelenwolf View Post
I have very large hands and not all compact pistols feel right..
I recently got a new S&W 642 at a good deal. Put on some Pachmyer Decelerater grips. NOW, I have a REAL handle on a little gun. Concealment is a little tougher, though....


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I just picked up a Taurus Model 85 Ultra-light to carry as my back up, after a bad weekend out of town.

First Concealed Weapon - Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection
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Originally Posted by MoBSix View Post
Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a pistol for my wife and I for concealed carry. After searching the net a little bit, I came across the Kimber Ultra Carry II and Glock 23. I am leaning more towards the Kimber because of the .45, I like the way it looks, and it seems to be thinner and therefor more comfortable while in the holster. Also, I would like to have some fun with it at the shooting range. Does anyone have any advice on which one I should pick, or do you have a better suggestion?

If it matters, I have medium sized hands and my wife has small hands. I am interested in having an inside waistband holster and my wife will probably carry it in her purse along with the million other items whose purpose I have yet to figure out.

Any input would be much appreciated, thanks!
There are qite a few things to consider before buying a personal defense carry gun, here are a few.

What ever you decide on needs to be easily carried, buying a gun that too heavy, too uncomfortable, or not easilly concealed will generally end up being left at home, it will do you no good if you don't have it with you.
But, the idea of a carry gun is not that it should be comfortable, it should be comforting.

Big Semi-Auto's are cool, but their heavy and hard to hide easilly, small semi-auto's are light, but they are hard to grasp from concealment, and they are hard to shoot well, especially for small women.
All semi-autos have slides that have to be racked, safetys that have to be depressed (those that don't are dangerous to carry by a novice), most will not fire if the magazine is not locked in, jams that need to be cleared occure, they are not fun in a fire fight, a misfire means you have to think, rack the slide to put anoyher round in the chamber, all of these drawbacks are no problem to most seasoned shooters, are you and your wife seasoned shooters.
One more thing about semi-auto's for personal defense is that at some time in your life, a million to one shot, you may have to use that gun to save your life or that of your loved one, and maybe you're in the right morally, but not completely legally, a semi-auto will leave your brass at the scene, you might as well sign a note and leave it tacked to your attacker body.

OK, having eight to twenty rounds in your magazine will let you stay in the fire fight that much longer, but, if your in a fight that requires that many rounds, you've made a bad mistake in judgement.
Most attacks are ended by two or three shots, most small framed .38 spec. snubbies hold at least five.

A couple of replies in this thread suggested a small framed revolver in .38 special, I agree with them.
,38 spec. self defense ammo is powerful enough to stop most attacks with one well placed shot, many are low recoil designed and easy to shoot well, practice ammo is cheap and easy to come by.
Smith & Wesson makes a bunch of J-framed models that are ideal for the purpose, I have two, a model 60- 3" in .38/.357 mag. which carries nicely in an inside the waist band holster, and a model 642- with a 2" tube in .38spec.+p that about as close to a perfect pocket pistol (forgive the pistol reference) as your ever going to get.
It's completely snag free, small enough to hide in my pants or jacket pocket yet big enough not to squeeze out of my hand when I grab it, if need be I can shoot it right from my pocket and it won't snag or jam, best of all, it's become my constent companion because it is so ideally suited to comfortable and comforting carry.
And it's trouble free, just point and shoot, no jams, misfires are a bitch but just pulling the trigger again is much faster than clearing the dudd and getting a new roud in the chamber.

If you want a target gun or a plinker, buy a glock or a Kimber, if your planning to go to war, buy a good battle rifle, but if you want a good sensible carry piece that will get you out of a bad situation, buy a good reliable snubbie and make it your friend, and BTW-, buy two, because your wife will take your first one for herself.
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