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thefarmboy21 12-31-2012 02:05 AM

Ever witness a hold up???
Just wondering if anyone had ever been I'm a store or a similar situation when it was robbed. Or I anyone has been mugged or basically been close to a robbery/hold up.

My buddy was in a gas station a while back when it was held up. He was just a bystander and the guy didn't even waste his time looking at him I guess. But it got me thinking....wonder what I would do. So what would you do? What should we do? Say it's not us getting robbed, just say a convenient store or gas station or something petty, but the clerk has a gun in his face or a knife at his throat and you're on looking from the magazine rack.....what happens next? Draw and wait? Draw and shoot? Wait to see if he shoots then draw and shoot? Ohio has a duty to retreat law, so I guess it kinda depends on that too. Just wondering what the older, wiser and more experienced have to say.

AdamSean 12-31-2012 02:40 AM

I have worked at a gas station and was robbed at gunpoint. You can actually see twice on the security camera me reaching into my pocket for my .32 pistol. I thought better of it since I really was in no imminent danger. The guy really had no intention of hurting me. He was counting on the threat to get the job done. I gave him the money and caused him to leave many prints. 3 months later, he was arrested and sent to prison. And I was able to keep my job. Now if the guy came in and truly thought I was in danger, I would have pulled my pistol out of my pocket and I walked around the counter out of his view and fired at him while retreating to the back door. Check out this video. I saw it a while ago. Its very informative as how to respond in a safe many for yourself and other innocent bystanders.

c3shooter 12-31-2012 02:45 AM

There is, and can be no one pat answer. It is going to depend of the totality of the circumstances of THAT place, people and moment. However, the circumstances where you are justified in using deadly force vary place to place- and generally involve a credible threat to cause death or serious bodily harm. As a CCW holder you are not an LEO.

However, I expect Ida Dunn will be dropping by shortly.

(If'n it was me, I'll tell you what Ida Dunn......):rolleyes:

Adam- very good video- Thanx!

Jstrong 12-31-2012 03:12 AM

Here in memphis TN convenience stores get robbed nightly,along with people getting mugged . My first course of action is not to find myself in the parts of town this would most likely to happen in,sometimes harder than it sounds.

But out of all the murders in memphis every year very few happen during the commission these types of robberies,especially relative to the shear number of them every year.

Believe it or not there are rules to convienence store robberies
1. perp comes in demands money/displays firearm

2.clerk hands over money/perp leaves

Those are the rules,almost all of the time people follow these rules. If you at any time interrupt this transaction when the first two parties were following the rules,then you don't know the rules. I don't see the point in drawing a firearm and shooting a perp when most of the time things will go like I stated earlier,as well as the factor of hitting the clerk since most of the time you'll be behind the perp and both of them will be in your line of fire.

Now if he comes in letting rounds fly or does something that makes you think he's not there for a simple hold up,then things start to change.

Pretty much the same thing if someone mugs you,which shouldn't happen if you practice good situational awareness. But let's say someone gets the drop on you at gun/knifepoint, idk about you... But any amount of money in my wallet or bank account isn't worth getting shot/stabbed or having to shoot/ stab another person. If your getting mugged at gunpoint/knifepoint and attempt to draw on someone your turning a "probably just gonna get mugged" situation, into a "probably shouldn't have done that" situation. I'd rather follow the rules,hand over the wallet,and watch him leave with it. Because most of the time that's exactly what's going to happen,if he shoots me afterwards then by god I'm gonna do my damnedest to return the favor. If he takes the money and then looks at my girlfriend wrong,then things change.

But for the most part,during a typical robbery/mugging... I would expect myself to lay low as long as I felt the potential for someone to loose their life isn't eminent .

enit2winit 12-31-2012 03:29 AM

I was in a drugstore about 8:55 PM to meet a girlfriend that was an employee there. The store closed at 9:00 PM and I was the only person in the store, along with four employees. As I pulled up in my car, I noticed an older, we'll dressed man walking toward the store. As I was looking at some items on a shelf, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I said "excuse me" and stepped aside, assuming someone was interested in the same thing I was looking at. Then came a second tap, after which I turned around to a gun barrel in my face! I'm not sure what caliber it was, but it was BIG!!! It was the man I had seen outside. He instructed me to go to the pharmacy counter, where the four employees already were. It got worse when he pointed the gun at my girlfriend and told her to come with him to the front of the store where the cash register was. I felt so helpless. Luckily, he emptied the register and ran out the front door. I was 18 when that happened and I'm 57 now, but is it burned into my memory. And that is why I have my permit and am ALWAYS armed!

1911love 12-31-2012 04:11 AM

Sad to hear the duty to retreat is in Ohio. Duty to retreat laws are bs, why should I have to retreat when being attacked? Me personally, I would shoot after getting a clear line of fire. There is no way to know a criminal's intent in those situations. I always believe they have evil intent, otherwise they wouldn't be threatening people's lives with guns and knives.

thefarmboy21 12-31-2012 04:20 AM

Yea the retired cop/fed that taught my wife's CCW class implied and made the motions of firing while "retreating" said that's how he interpreted it but it's all about where you are, who the cops are who come on scene and IF you can "prove" you were in the right to fire your weapon. We also have the castle law that basically means that if we are in our place of residence (and maybe our cars?) we did not have to retreat if we felt our lives or other were in danger. HOWEVER......we cannot shoot at someone breaking into our cars and we aren't in them, breaking into our garage, stealing our 4-wheeler etc.

thefarmboy21 12-31-2012 04:21 AM

Not that I would take a life for a car or whatever but if I saw someone outside coming to the house, I don't think I'd wait for him to crawl through the window. That'd be tough to just sit and see what happened.

Jstrong 12-31-2012 04:52 AM


Originally Posted by 1911love
Sad to hear the duty to retreat is in Ohio. Duty to retreat laws are bs, why should I have to retreat when being attacked? Me personally, I would shoot after getting a clear line of fire. There is no way to know a criminal's intent in those situations. I always believe they have evil intent, otherwise they wouldn't be threatening people's lives with guns and knives.

I don't know anybody's intent to do anything,but I could assume they are there for the money alone unless they indicate otherwise. I'm no cop, MY gun is to protect ME. If he seems to be worried more about the cash register than me then I'm not gonna take his life, its not worth it to me... I'm not gonna shoot anybody I don't feel like I absotively posilutely have too,not sure I could handle blowing some kid away that in all reality was just gonna get the money and run.

If I don't think he is gonna shoot anybody,and it turns out I'm wrong and he blows mister clerk away. Then my bad bro, 80% of handgun wounds are non fatal and 50% are treat and release,he shoulda took his personal safety as serious as me.

My gun is to make sure Me and those i love stay vertical. If I'm alone and shots break out and I don't see a child or otherwise helpless person in harms way... Then your boy Jstrong is hitting the nearest exit in a hurry,and helping those I can get out too. Your safety is your own responsibility if you have the means to protect yourself.

A school or other venue full of children? Elderly folks home? Disabled persons hospital? Placs where my friends/family are? Then I may have a different reaction.

JeeperSC 12-31-2012 07:02 AM

I have one incident where i believe i was about to be robbed/mugged but i bluffed the bad guys with a taser...
I like to talk about my good friends encounter that encouraged him to get his CCP. He witnessed a purse snatching outside a busy target store.
A women was loaded things in her trunk with her purse slung over her shoulder. The bad guy (who was a preacher at a church mind you) ran up and grabbed her purse causing her to fall, it was caught on her shoulder and he began dragging her across the pavement. My friend and a random female yelled at the guy and chased him across the parking lot where he got into his car and retrieved a handgun and pointed it at my friend and this lady who was trying to help. He said that when the guy aimed the gun at him everything froze and he thought he was going to die. Within a month my friend had his CWP and a G19. :)

My little encounter..... I used to live in a pretty ghetto apartment community and always carried my gun when I walked to the mailbox. I still do at my new place, usually in my hand. But this particular night a few years ago I decided to take a taser I was recently issued.
As I am walking back from the mailbox I see these two African American guys lingering on the corner of one of the buildings and something about them was NOT right. Their movements, how they were standing, how they were making eye contact with each other and then focusing on me. One of them was wearing a backpack, he laid it down, took out a hockey Mask and put it on. The other guy walked over and picked up the backpack. Now they are acting the same except he is wearing a mask and the other guy is wearing the backpack. The guy with the mask slowly and nonchalantly starts walking in my direction and his pace is picking up the closer he was getting. It was dark and for all I knew he could have had a gun.
I turned on my taser which had one of those little red dot. the guy must have saw it and been startled thinking it was a gun because he tripped a little bit. I stopped walking and slowly started aiming the red dot across the pavement towards him. They both took off running and I never saw them again. Ever since its been my strict policy to ALWAYS carry my gun.

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