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does anyone have the same problem as me?

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Well changing a woman's mind is sometimes....well just impossible.

I am a lucky one as the wife loves guns, my daughter started off hating when I carried. Always asking if I was expecting trouble or looking for it, rolling her eyes at me. So I kept her in the dark for a couple of years, till she turned 13 and took her shooting at the local range. She had a blast with a .22LR rifle.

One day she got scared when a drunk pulled a baseball bat on me over at a cook out at her friends house. Later that night she asked if I had my gun with me, I told her I did, she asked why I didn't pull it out on him. I told her that the need was not there because he could hardly stand up let alone swing the bat without falling down. Then the light came on as she saw I wasn't looking for anything by carrying, I was just being prepared. Now I'm happy to say that she carries too.
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We have to remember that women are not logical but emotional. I presented the idea of carrying with my wife that I wanted to protect her and any of my love ones. It's like a condom...better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have it. My wife and I go to the range regularly and she will soon get her carry. One problem is that her carry will soon be pink. If she has to draw, the poor bastard will die either from the bullet or laughter. I recommend getting her comfortable with a gun. Go to the range with her and make it an activity for the both of u.
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Originally Posted by shadamai
I haven't been in your exact situation (I am single and female), but I have experienced people who freak out over the idea of owning and carrying a gun.

The people I have met who are the most unhappy/uncomfortable with guns usually a) have never shot a firearm, b) come from a family where there are no firearms, c) have spent much of their lives in or near a city, and d) have a lot of misconceptions about guns from the media and other sources. Many people are misinformed and afraid because they simply have no experience and little education about firearms. They see lots of news stories and tv shows about the harm that guns can do when used inappropriately. (And let's face it, if the intended victims in an episode of CSI had been armed, the show would be over in about two minutes and there would be no mystery to solve.)

Some people have misconceptions about concealed carry and think, like you said, it is about being tough or cool. Perhaps you should explain to her that when done correctly, concealed carry is about neither of those things. Tell her what it really involves, because she probably has no idea. I have read some great threads on this site that stress that it is a huge responsibility that involves avoiding bad situations to begin with (situational awareness) and walking away from trouble if at all possible (even if it hurts your ego.) A firearm is a last resort only if you believe you face an imminent threat of death or great bodily harm, and even then there will be consequences that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Let her know you understand the grave amount of responsibility that comes with carrying. I say this because I have dealt with friends who thought it was silly when I bought my first gun- they didn't understand any of the things I just mentioned because no one had ever explained it to them.

A lot of people really do not have the experience and education when it comes to firearms, and we can't blame them for it. But we can try to educate them about it. Some of the members on here have taught me a lot and made me think; I have found these threads particularly interesting and educating and maybe your wife would, too:

And if you can ever get her to go shooting with you sometime (but don't start her off with your .45), maybe she will enjoy target practice, too. I can speak from experience that it is very addictive
Perfect. Wish I had had this a few years back. When I first married, my wife was afraid of my guns. She's over that now and has her CCW. But I've been through the "are you paranoid" period too. The only time I don't have a firearm on me or in my reach is at work. We work on a military base and as we all know, the federal government is afraid of armed citizens. Other than there, she no longer blinks at the gun. Another thing that was helpful, in Las Vegas the Metro Police have a web site with a tool that lets you search reported crimes. She saw the number of assaults and burglaries within 1 mile of our house, and it made even more sense. A lot of times now, when I go to bed before her, her 442 will be beside her downstairs.
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But what if someone takes your gun,fire extingiusher or bee spray away and uses it on you??? LMAO!!! I can't relate bro every girl who's been unfortunate enough to be with me my wife included has known from the start that I'm passionate about 2A rights. Tell her a cop gets to heavy to carry around and besides it just makes you both look silly.
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