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Do you carry at the range? Might want to consider it.....

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Someone asked me recently why I carry my 1911 loaded in my holster when I am out changing targets.

I told them that if I am carrying a firearm, I am carrying it loaded, because it doesn't make sense otherwise.

My routine is to fire off all of my magazines except one. I will then insert that loaded mag into my 1911, drop the slide, put her in condition 1, holster it, then go about my business of loading other mags, changing targets, etc....
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I shoot at a public range on a wildlife management area here in Alabama. I never shoot myself empty. I always have at least one other loaded gun in addition to the one I am shooting. Most of the time at least two. If I am not shooting it, my .38 snub will be in my pocket. Also I will have either my 9 mm or my .45 on my hip. And that includes when I go down range.

I worry more about idiots than someone coming to steal my guns. I have had people open fire while I was still half way down range. I yelled at them and they only fired once. When I got back to the shooting benches I told them "One more and I would have been shooting back!" I was mad clean through and meant it. They were Mexicans and were jabbering in Spanish. I don't know if they understood my words but I am sure I made it plain that I was not a happy camper.

A lot of idiots just don't know or practice safe gun handling. I have told more than one to stop pointing his gun muzzle at me. A lot of them tell me "Its not loaded." I tell them I don't care. I tell them if it is pointed at me I assume it is loaded and that mine definitely is loaded.
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I've lived most of my life in rural areas, and shot on BLM land or in free open ranges. I've ran into a lot of idiots that don't know how to handle a gun, but never anyone I was worried about purposely shooting me. It's funny, but I've always trusted someone with a loaded gun who I've never met, at a range, more than I would trust someone who is unarmed on the sidewalk.

After reading this thread however, I will be saving a loaded mag, or carrying a side arm I'm not using when at the range.

My co-workers think I'm a gun nut because I've always carried a side arm while hunting. I tell them it's for two reasons. 1) If I set my rifle down while gutting a deer or something, I want protection if a cat decides he wants my deer too. 2) Out of fear of other hunters (especially out of state hunters) You can't imagine how many times I've heard of other hunters getting territorial over hunting areas. Not to mention, look at that nut case that shot the land owner a couple years ago with an AK (or something similar) when the land owner told him he couldn't hunt there.

I also carry when I'm out fencing my property, for snakes, and for anyone who wants to stop and harass me since I'm on foot and out of shouting distance of the nearest house.
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The range I go to is a membership type on club, however, they have a public side of it. The range master and all of the employees here carry and everything going on at this range is on video moniters that 2 people monitor non stop. If someone gets stupid here theres going to be one hell of a fire fight with the offenders and the management before it's done. It's an outdoor range and cease fires are called every 15 minuets to check targets and they tolerate "0" stupid. I feel safe at my range. However, I do have no problem if someone does gets stupid, expiditing his visit to St. Peter if necessary. I've been going here since 1993 and theres been no problem of any kind yet.
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I have never encountered trouble at any gun range or any gun shop for that matter. However, I do carry a pistol in my pocket at all times.
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NO if the range is cold it is cold no one touches ammo or firearms at all. You do and I see you your gone. If there is no interaction there is no chance of something bad happening.

If our range is cold you don't do anything other than check targets or step back off the line. there is no showing it to your buddy taking one off the bench and putting your next rifle. NOTHING HAPPENS WITH A FIREARM WHEN MY RANGE IS COLD.
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I always carry a sidearm when at the range. I have my Concealed Carry Perm it. Colt officers, cocked and locked in a belt slide at all times. Public ranges attract people who are not neccessarily honorable. Remote location, expensive items in the bet I'm armed.
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