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Did i do the right thing?

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Rather than second-guess actions that took place in a set of circumstances impossible for us to visualize accurately, I'd like to offer some general tactical advice :
1) If you encounter a potential threat that makes you feel uneasy, you should normally trust your instincts and avoid it ( Don't get on the elevator with the man / reverse course instead of walking by the crowd of high-schoolers etc. ) . Remember that you have a right to "profile" all you want ; If a person's race or clothing worries you, you have a right to avoid him .

2) Don't slip into believing everything will be okay because you carry a gun . Someone could get the drop on you, sucker-punch you, shoot from ambush or whatever .

3) Consider a less lethal alternative such as pepper spray, metal flashlight, a tactical pen or a personal alarm for situations in which deadly force may not be ruled justifiable in court .

4) Walk confidently, stay clear of alcoves and other hiding places, check behind you, walk facing traffic, stay a few feet away from your companions for maneuvering space and consider using a tactical flashlight to occasionally check ahead and around you .

5) If confronted by a suspicious person, consider shining your flashlight into his eyes . Order him to 'stop' and not come any closer . If he advances after your warnings, consider pepper spraying him or drawing down on him . If he advances on a drawn gun, consider firing and sorting it out in court .
Don't draw unless you are prepared to shoot .

6) Your first priority is to save yourself . Whether your actions will pass muster with the police and courts is a secondary consideration . Shoot when you have to but not just when you can get away with it .

7) Do not tamper with or dispose of evidence ( no dragging bodies back inside or planting of kitchen knives ) . Do not flee the scene to avoid arrest . Do not contaminate the crime scene or allow others to do so .

8) 'Two-edged swords' : Be aware that some actions can both help and hinder . Drawing your gun may drive off or allow capture of a criminal but it could prompt him to draw and fire in " self-defense " .

9) Ask yourself if there are any ideal hides and traps in your area for attackers to use ( Is there an underpass on a bike path ? Is there a deserted cemetary next to the parking lot ? )

10) Find out if people around you will call the police to help you or will look the other way . A criminal is like a guerilla ; He swims in a sea of sympathizers ( apologies to Mao Tse Dung ) .

11) Consider carrying an old flip cell phone ( even an unititialized one ) to make an easy 911 call in an emergency . Smart phones are hard to bring into action quickly and are a frequently-stolen item .

12) Consider wearing a black tactical vest, especially if you are unarmed . It will make you appear to be possibly armed and a hard target .

13) Don't forget about knives - a whole 'nuther subject .

14) Plan empty-hand fighting moves for use against a close knife or fist attack .

15) Know that long hair, neckwear etc. can be grabbed by an attacker .

As if we needed more dangers, here's news of a new fad : Blacks playing " Knock Out The Jew " :

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Default my two cents

I know your situation. I am a college student and we are just able to afford a safer apartment. Now that there is section 8 housing, I have to escort my lady at all times when she leaves the house.

Her internship is with the county and she goes to crime scenes at odd hours, groups of 17-20? yo men roam around in groups and it is VERY dangerous for her to be by herself.

A similar situation like this happened to me before I turned 21 and bought my handgun. There were four men on the stairs about... ten feet from our front door. She tried to put the keys in and get inside and just ended up panicking. She is not trained in any possible way and reacted horribly, the door then got stuck (on a bag or something?) and she just nagged for me to open the door. Had she said "honey, there are men coming, OPEN THE DOOR!" instead of "ugh open the door" I would've reacted differently, and quicker.

SO my two cents, your wife acted well. I would've stood near my apartment door to be a barrier between my wife and them personally, as stairs are terrible places to fight. However, you reacted with your gut concisely and smoothly to defuse a situation. Sure theres the legal aspect of it, but don't worry about that in the moment, incorporate that into training and learn for later (ask a LEO, they will let you know what they want to see happen, and its good to know since they will be the ones showing up first). Your wife and family was not hurt and you did not have to shoot anyone, so well done.

Move as soon as possible. Not even for your safety but for the well being of your family. It is draining to be vigilant on a high level 24/7, especially in your home.
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Originally Posted by easterner123 View Post
...., as stairs are terrible places to fight.
They are if you're the guy trying to get up the stairs to where help is. I know something about that part.
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